11-letter words containing a, g, i, t, p, r

  • actinograph — a recording actinometer
  • aggrupation — (Philippines) A group, an organization.
  • agriproduct — a product that is a result of agribusiness
  • approbating — Present participle of approbate.
  • arpeggiated — having arpeggios
  • aspergation — the action of sprinkling, suffusing or irrigating with water
  • attempering — Present participle of attemper.
  • autographic — of, for, or like an autograph or autographs
  • bankrupting — Present participle of bankrupt.
  • cooperating — to work or act together or jointly for a common purpose or benefit.
  • corporating — Present participle of corporate.
  • crepitating — Present participle of crepitate.
  • cryptogamic — Of, relating to, or denoting cryptogams.
  • depasturing — Present participle of depasture.
  • deprecating — A deprecating attitude, gesture, or remark shows that you think that something is not very good, especially something associated with yourself.
  • dittography — reduplication of letters or syllables in writing, printing, etc., usually through error.
  • encapturing — Present participle of encapture.
  • enrapturing — Present participle of enrapture.
  • epigastrium — The part of the upper abdomen immediately over the stomach.
  • epigraphist — A person who studies epigraphy (inscriptions).
  • evaporating — Present participle of evaporate.
  • expurgating — Present participle of expurgate.
  • expurgation — The act of expurgating, purging, or cleansing; purification from anything noxious, offensive, sinful, or erroneous.
  • extirpating — Present participle of extirpate.
  • fingerpaint — A form of paint designed to be applied using the fingers, especially by children.
  • fingerplate — a metal plate fixed to a door next to the handle or keyhole to protect the surface
  • gamotropism — the tendency of gametes to attract each other
  • giftwrapped — wrapped attractively in pretty paper, perhaps with ribbons or other decorations
  • grade point — Education. a numerical equivalent to a received letter grade, usually 0 for F, 1 for D, 2 for C, 3 for B, and 4 for A, that is multiplied by the number of credits for the course: used to compute a grade point average.
  • grapefruits — Plural form of grapefruit.
  • grapefruity — Resembling or characteristic of grapefruit.
  • graphitized — (chemistry, of carbon) Converted to graphite.
  • graptolites — Plural form of graptolite.
  • graptolitic — relating to, or containing, graptolites
  • greasepaint — an oily mixture of melted tallow or grease and a pigment, used by actors, clowns, etc., for making up their faces.
  • gripe water — a solution given to infants to relieve colic
  • histography — a treatise on or description of organic tissues.
  • hypogastric — of, relating to, or situated in the hypogastrium.
  • hypogravity — The presence of an apparently decreased gravitational field (such as in an aircraft following a parabolic path).
  • impignorate — (obsolete, transitive) To pledge or pawn.
  • imprecating — Present participle of imprecate.
  • impregnated — to make pregnant; get with child or young.
  • impregnates — to make pregnant; get with child or young.
  • impregnator — to make pregnant; get with child or young.
  • karyotyping — the analysis of chromosomes.
  • kinetograph — a camera for taking pictures for a kinetoscope.
  • lamplighter — a person employed to light and extinguish street lamps, especially those burning gas.
  • large print — text printed in larger text than normal, so as to make it easier to read, esp for the visually impaired
  • large-print — set in a type size larger than normal for the benefit of persons with impaired vision: large-print newspapers.
  • light opera — operetta.

On this page, we collect all 11-letter words with A-G-I-T-P-R. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 11-letter word that contains in A-G-I-T-P-R to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles

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