Words containing a, d, p, c

5 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • caped — wearing a cape
  • paced — having a specified or indicated pace (usually used in combination): fast-paced.

6 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • camped — If people are camped or camped out somewhere in the open air, they are living, staying, or waiting there, often in tents.
  • capped — a capital letter.
  • capsid — any heteropterous bug of the family Miridae (formerly Capsidae), most of which feed on plant tissues, causing damage to crops
  • carped — to find fault or complain querulously or unreasonably; be niggling in criticizing; cavil: to carp at minor errors.
  • decamp — If you decamp, you go away from somewhere secretly or suddenly.

7 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • capered — to leap or skip about in a sprightly manner; prance; frisk; gambol.
  • chapped — If your skin is chapped, it is dry, cracked, and sore.
  • clapped — to strike the palms of (one's hands) against one another resoundingly, and usually repeatedly, especially to express approval: She clapped her hands in appreciation.
  • clasped — a device, usually of metal, for fastening together two or more things or parts of the same thing: a clasp for paper money; a clasp on a necklace.
  • coapted — to bring close together: The surgeons coapted the edges of the wound.

8 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • accepted — Accepted ideas are agreed by most people to be correct or reasonable.
  • adscript — a serf bound to the land which they work or occupy, and who can be bought or sold along with it
  • backdrop — A backdrop is a large piece of cloth, often with scenery painted on it, that is hung at the back of a stage while a play is being performed.
  • campshed — to line (the bank of a river) with campshot.
  • capeador — a person who assists a matador by harassing or distracting the bull with a red cape, or capa.

9 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • acidophil — (of cells or cell contents) easily stained by acid dyes
  • actinopod — any protozoan of the phylum Actinopoda, such as a radiolarian or a heliozoan, having stiff radiating cytoplasmic projections
  • adipocere — a waxlike fatty substance formed during the decomposition of corpses
  • adipocyte — a fat cell that accumulates and stores fats
  • aperiodic — not periodic; not occurring at regular intervals

10 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • acidophile — Biology, Ecology. acidophilic.
  • actinopods — any protozoan of the subclass Actinopoda, including the heliozoans and radiolarians, having stiff, rodlike, radiating pseudopodia.
  • apocopated — to shorten by apocope.
  • apodeictic — unquestionably true by virtue of demonstration
  • appendance — attached or suspended; annexed.

11 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • accompanied — to go along or in company with; join in action: to accompany a friend on a walk.
  • acidophilic — easily stained with acid dyes
  • acidophilus — a lactic-acid-producing bacterium primarily found in live yoghurt, useful in restoring bacterial balance in the intestine
  • adaptogenic — acting to normalize and regulate the systems of the body
  • adipocerite — hatchettite.

12 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • accomplished — If someone is accomplished at something, they are very good at it.
  • adiaphoretic — preventing or reducing perspiration.
  • aide-de-camp — An aide-de-camp is an officer in the armed forces who helps an officer of higher rank.
  • antiperiodic — efficacious against recurring attacks of a disease
  • aperiodicity — not periodic; irregular.

13 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • anaphrodisiac — tending to lessen sexual desire
  • anaphylactoid — Of, pertaining to, or resembling anaphylaxis.
  • antispasmodic — preventing or arresting spasms, esp in smooth muscle
  • aphrodisiacal — having an aphrodisiac quality
  • apodictically — incontestable because of having been demonstrated or proved to be demonstrable.

14 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • accident-prone — tending to have more accidents or mishaps than the average person.
  • achondroplasia — a skeletal disorder, characterized by failure of normal conversion of cartilage into bone, that begins during fetal life and results in dwarfism
  • adrenoreceptor — a receptor that binds with epinephrine, norepinephrine, or related compounds.
  • antaphrodisiac — Capable of reducing the sex drive.
  • appendicectomy — surgical removal of any appendage, esp the vermiform appendix

15 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • acetophenetidin — phenacetin
  • anti-productive — having the power of producing; generative; creative: a productive effort.
  • asclepiadaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Asclepiadaceae, a family of mostly tropical and subtropical flowering plants, including the milkweed and swallowwort, having pollen in the form of a waxy mass (pollinium): now usually regarded as a subfamily of the Apocynaceae
  • cardiopulmonary — of, relating to, or affecting the heart and lungs
  • cephalochordate — any chordate animal of the subphylum Cephalochordata, having a fishlike body and no vertebral column; lancelet

16 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • adjustable-pitch — (of a marine or aircraft propeller) having blades whose pitch can be changed while the propeller is stationary, chiefly to suit various conditions of navigation or flight.
  • alpha-adrenergic — of or having to do with an alpha receptor
  • anti-aphrodisiac — Also, aphrodisiacal [af-ruh-duh-zahy-uh-kuh l, -sahy-] /ˌæf rə dəˈzaɪ ə kəl, -ˈsaɪ-/ (Show IPA). arousing sexual desire.
  • carboxypeptidase — any of several digestive enzymes that catalyze the removal of an amino acid from the end of a peptide chain having a free carbonyl group.
  • chlordiazepoxide — a chemical compound used as a tranquillizer and muscle relaxant and in the treatment of delirium tremens. Formula: C16H14ClN3O

17 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • angiocardiography — the making of X-ray pictures of the heart and its blood vessels after injecting a radiopaque substance
  • bacteriorhodopsin — a purple protein containing retinal and found in the plasma membrane of certain bacteria (genus Halobacterium): it directly supplies electrochemical energy from sunlight
  • call-and-response — a form of interaction between a speaker and one or more listeners, in which every utterance of the speaker elicits a verbal or non-verbal response from the listener or listeners
  • cardiac-tamponade — Medicine/Medical. the use of a tampon, as to stop a hemorrhage.
  • cardiorespiratory — of, relating to, or affecting the heart and respiratory system.

18 letter words containing a, d, p, c

19 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • adrenocorticotropic — that can stimulate the cortex of the adrenal glands
  • adrenocorticotropin — ACTH.
  • auricular-appendage — Anatomy. the projecting outer portion of the ear; pinna. Also called auricular appendage. an ear-shaped appendage projecting from each atrium of the heart. (loosely) the atrium.
  • ballistocardiograph — an instrument that records the slight recoil of the body, while on a special bed, caused by the contractions of the heart: used to measure cardiac pumping power and the elasticity of the aorta
  • cap-de-la-madeleine — a city in S Quebec, in E Canada, near Three Rivers, on the St. Lawrence.

20 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • adrenocorticotrophic — stimulating the adrenal cortex
  • decahydronaphthalene — a colorless, aromatic liquid, C 10 H 18 , insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol and ether: used as a solvent for oils, fats, etc., in cleaning fluids, lubricants, etc.
  • diplomatic-secretary — secretary (def 5).
  • mechanical-impedance — Electricity. the total opposition to alternating current by an electric circuit, equal to the square root of the sum of the squares of the resistance and reactance of the circuit and usually expressed in ohms. Symbol: Z.
  • para-dichlorobenzene — a white, crystalline, volatile, water-insoluble solid, C 6 H 4 Cl 2 , of the benzene series, having a penetrating odor: used chiefly as a moth repellent.

21 letter words containing a, d, p, c

22 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • dicyclopentadienyliron — ferrocene (def 1).
  • paracoccidioidomycosis — a chronic infection caused by the fungus Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, occurring in Mexico and in Central and South America, characterized by mouth and throat ulcers, weight loss, and lesions on the skin, intestines, and genitals.

23 letter words containing a, d, p, c

24 letter words containing a, d, p, c

26 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • organophosphorus-compounds — Biochemistry. any of a variety of organic compounds that contain phosphorus and often have intense neurotoxic activity: originally developed as nerve gases, now widely used as insecticides and fire retardants.

28 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • meter-kilogram-second-ampere — of or relating to the system of units in which the meter, kilogram, second, and ampere are the principal units of length, mass, time, and electric current. Abbreviation: mksa, MKSA.

31 letter words containing a, d, p, c

32 letter words containing a, d, p, c

  • democratic-republic-of-the-congo — People's Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly an overseas territory in French Equatorial Africa; now an independent member of the French Community. 132,046 sq. mi. (341,999 sq. km). Capital: Brazzaville. Formerly French Congo, Middle Congo.

34 letter words containing a, d, p, c

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