21-letter words containing a, c, l, i

  • a foregone conclusion — You can refer to something that seems certain to happen as a foregone conclusion.
  • a world of difference — If you say that there is a world of difference between one thing and another, you are emphasizing that they are very different from each other.
  • acceptable use policy — (networking)   (AUP) Rules applied by many transit networks which restrict the use to which the network may be put. A well known example is NSFNet which does not allow commercial use. Enforcement of AUPs varies with the network.
  • acquaintance violence — impulsive aggressive behaviour towards someone with whom the attacker has been in contact
  • active matrix display — (hardware)   A type of liquid crystal display where each display element (each pixel) includes an active component such as a transistor to maintain its state between scans. Contrast passive matrix display.
  • ada core technologies — (company)   (ACT) The company that maintains GNAT. Ada Core Technologies was founded in 1994 by the original authors of the GNAT compiler. ACT provides software for Ada 95 development.
  • adult training centre — a day centre, run by a local authority, for people with learning difficulties to gain work experience
  • aerodynamic stability — Aerodynamic stability is the way that a moving vehicle reacts to changes in air caused by passing vehicles.
  • afro-american english — Black English (def 1).
  • agricultural engineer — an engineer who specialises in the design, development, and installation of agricultural and forestry machinery and advises on rural development and the management of natural resources
  • aids dementia complex — a brain disorder in people with AIDS that causes severe irreparable memory loss and disorientation, affecting the ability to function in social or work settings. Abbreviation: ADC.
  • aladdin systems, inc. — (company)   The company that developed and distributes Stuffit and other utility software for the Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Palm handheld computers. Not to be confused with Aladdin Enterprises.
  • aleksandr-nikolaevichAlexander (Aleksandr Nikolaevich) 1899–1977, Russian pianist and composer, in the U.S.
  • alexander archipelago — a group of over 1000 islands along the coast of SE Alaska
  • algorithm description — (language)   (ALDES) ["The Algorithm Description Language ALDES", R.G.K. Loos, SIGSAM Bull 14(1):15-39 (Jan 1976)].
  • all things considered — You say all things considered to indicate that you are making a judgment after taking all the facts into account.
  • alliance for progress — a program of foreign aid presented by President Kennedy to help solve the economic and social problems of Latin America.
  • alpha centauri system — a star system comprising the binary star Alpha Centauri A and B and Proxima Centauri (also called Alpha Centauri C), which is 0.1 light years closer to the sun. Visual magnitude: 0.01 (A), 1.33 (B); spectral type: G2V (A); distance from earth: 4.3 light years
  • alpha piscis austrini — Fomalhaut
  • aluminum fluosilicate — a white, water-soluble powder, Al 2 (SiF 6) 3 , used in the manufacture of optical glass and of synthetic sapphires and rubies.
  • america on-line, inc. — (company, communications)   (AOL) A US on-line service provider based in Vienna, Virginia, USA. AOL claims to be the largest and fastest growing provider of on-line services in the world, with the most active subscriber base. AOL offers its three million subscribers electronic mail, interactive newspapers and magazines, conferencing, software libraries, computing support, and on-line classes. In October 1994 AOL made Internet FTP available to its members and in May 1995, full Internet access including web. AOL's main competitors are Prodigy and Compuserve.
  • american red squirrel — either of two reddish-brown squirrels, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus or T. douglasii, inhabiting forests of North America
  • american saddle horse — one of a breed of horses, raised originally in the U.S., that have high-stepping gaits and are bred to the three-gaited or five-gaited type.
  • ammonioferric oxalate — ferric ammonium oxalate.
  • analects of confucius — Chinese Lun Yü. a compilation of the discourses, maxims, and aphorisms of Confucius, dating from the 4th century b.c.
  • analytic continuation — a method of finding a function that coincides with a given analytic function in a domain and that remains analytic in a larger domain.
  • analytical philosophy — a school of philosophy which flourished in the first half of the 20th century and which sought to resolve philosophical problems by analysing the language in which they are expressed, esp in terms of formal logic as in Russell's theory of descriptions
  • analytical psychology — a school of psychoanalysis founded by Jung as a result of disagreements with Freud
  • angular magnification — the ratio of the angle subtended at the eye by an image formed by an optical instrument to the angle subtended at the unaided eye by the object
  • aniline hydrochloride — a white, crystalline, water-soluble solid, C 6 H 5 NH 2 ⋅HCl, used chiefly as an intermediate in the manufacture of dyes, especially aniline black.
  • annual change traffic — (software)   (ACT) The fraction of the software product's source code which changes during a year, either through addition or modification. The ACT can be used to determine the product size in order to estimate software maintenance effort.
  • antarctic archipelago — a group of islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, off the NW coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • anti-aircraft missile — a missile intended to destroy enemy aircraft
  • antiballistic missile — a missile designed to destroy an incoming ballistic missile before it reaches its target
  • antiferromagnetically — In an antiferromagnetic manner.
  • antihemophilic factor — a protein that is essential to normal blood clotting and is lacking or deficient in persons having hemophilia A. Abbreviation: AHF.
  • appalachian mountains — a mountain system of E North America, extending from Quebec province in Canada to central Alabama in the US: contains rich deposits of anthracite, bitumen, and iron ore. Highest peak: Mount Mitchell, 2038 m (6684 ft)
  • appellation controlee — a designation on the label of certain French wines, brandies, etc. guaranteeing that the contents meet established standards, as type of grape and location of vineyard
  • appendicular skeleton — the girdles and skeleton of the limbs
  • application developer — (job)   Someone who does application development.
  • application executive — (language)   (AE) An embeddable language, written as a C interpreter by Brian Bliss at UIUC. AE is compiled with an application and thus exists in the same process and address space. It includes a dbx symbol table scanner to access compiled variables and routines, or you can enter them manually by providing a type/name declaration and the address. When the interpreter is invoked, source code fragments are read from the input stream (or a string), parsed, and evaluated immediately. The user can call compiled functions in addition to a few built-in intrinsics, declare new data types and data objects, etc. Different input streams can be evaluated in parallel on Alliant computers. AE has been ported to SunOS (cc or gcc), Alliant FX and Cray YMP (soon).
  • applications language — Ousterhout's dichotomy
  • applications software — application program
  • archimedes' principle — a law of physics stating that the apparent upward force (buoyancy) of a body immersed in a fluid is equal to the weight of the displaced fluid
  • architecture parlante — the architecture of buildings that, in their plans or elevations, create an image that suggests their functions.
  • arithmetic logic unit — the part of a central processing unit that performs arithmetic and logical operations
  • arithmetic/logic unit — ALU.
  • articles of agreement — a contract between the captain of a ship and a crew member regarding stipulations of a voyage, signed prior to and upon termination of a voyage.
  • as dull as ditchwater — extremely uninspiring
  • as luck would have it — fortunately

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