14-letter words containing a, c, l, e

  • aguascalientes — a state in central Mexico. Pop: 943 506 (2000). Area: 5471 sq km (2112 sq miles)
  • air controller — a military person assigned to monitor, manage, etc. aircraft within a specified region
  • air-force blue — a greyish shade of blue that is the same colour as the uniform of the Royal Air Force and the air force of some other countries
  • airplane cloth — a strong, plain-weave cloth of linen or cotton, originally used for airplane wings
  • airport police — a police unit dedicated to providing security at airports
  • aladdin's cave — a place containing fabulous riches
  • alarm reaction — the first stage of the general adaptation syndrome, in which the body responds to stress by exhibiting shock.
  • alaska current — an ocean current flowing counterclockwise in the Gulf of Alaska.
  • albrecht durer — Albrecht [ahl-brekht] /ˈɑl brɛxt/ (Show IPA), 1471–1528, German painter and engraver.
  • alcmanic verse — a form of verse used in Greek drama and Latin dramatic poetry, composed in dactylic tetrameter.
  • alcohol abuser — someone who drinks too much alcohol
  • alexander city — a city in E Alabama.
  • alexipharmical — Alternative form of alexipharmic.
  • all-conquering — having defeated all opponents over a long period of time
  • allelochemical — A chemical produced by a living organism, exerting a detrimental physiological effect on the individuals of another species when released into the environment.
  • alley cropping — a method of planting in which rows of trees are interspersed with rows of crops, improving the soil and providing nutrients, particularly nitrogen, to the crops.
  • alliance party — a non-sectarian Northern Irish political party founded in 1970
  • allosterically — In an allosteric manner.
  • allowance race — a race in which each horse is assigned a specified weight according to age, record of past performance, sex, etc.
  • allyl caproate — a colorless to pale yellow liquid, C 9 H 16 O 2 , having a pineapple odor: used chiefly as a scent in the manufacture of flavorings and perfume.
  • allyl chloride — a colorless, volatile, flammable liquid, C 3 H 5 Cl, having a pungent odor, derived from propylene by chlorination: used chiefly in the synthesis of allyl alcohol, resins, and pharmaceuticals.
  • almond essence — a concentrated liquid obtained from almonds, used in cooking and baking
  • almond extract — oil, essence
  • alpha centauri — a binary star, the brightest star in the constellation Centaurus: magnitude, -0.27: it is the nearest of the stars that are visible to the naked eye, except for the sun
  • alpha particle — a helium-4 nucleus, containing two neutrons and two protons, emitted during some radioactive transformations
  • alpha receptor — a receptor, found on the surface of some cells of the sympathetic nervous system, that is stimulated by adrenergic substances resulting in constriction of blood vessels and contraction of most smooth muscle
  • alpha-carotene — a common form of carotene found in certain vegetables and fruit
  • alpha-receptor — a site on a cell that, upon interaction with epinephrine or norepinephrine, controls vasoconstriction, intestinal relaxation, pupil dilation, and other physiological processes.
  • alphabetically — (manner) In an alphabetical manner.
  • alphanumerical — alphanumeric; characterized by having letters and numerals
  • alpine currant — an ornamental shrub, Ribes alpinum, of Europe, having greenish-yellow flowers and scarlet fruit.
  • alpine glacier — a glacier that descends from a high valley
  • alumina cement — a quick-setting cement with a large bauxite content.
  • alumosilicates — Plural form of alumosilicate.
  • ambulance crew — the team of people who man an ambulance
  • ambulancewoman — a woman who works as part of an ambulance crew
  • amebic colitis — a type of dysentery caused by the protozoan Entamoeba histolytica, characterized especially by ulceration of the large intestine.
  • american cloth — a glazed or waterproofed cotton cloth
  • american eagle — the bald eagle, esp when depicted as the national emblem of the US
  • american holly — See under holly (def 1).
  • american lotus — water chinquapin (def 1).
  • american sable — the brown fur of the American marten, Martes americana
  • aminoglycoside — of or relating to amino sugars in glycosidic linkage.
  • anaglyphoscope — a pair of spectacles for viewing an anaglyph.
  • anal character — Psychoanalysis. a group of personality traits including meticulousness, compulsiveness, and rigidity, believed to be associated with excessive preoccupation with the anal phase as a child, with effects lingering into adulthood.
  • analogue clock — a clock in which the hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds are indicated by hands on a dial
  • analogue watch — a watch in which the hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds are indicated by hands on a dial
  • ancient lights — the legal right to receive, by a particular window or windows, adequate and unobstructed daylight
  • androcephalous — having a human head
  • anesthetically — In an anesthetic manner.
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