14-letter words containing a, c, l, e

  • a l'americaine — prepared with tomatoes, garlic, wine, shallots, and herbs: lobster à l’américaine.
  • a la francaise — in the French manner
  • a loose cannon — If someone is a loose cannon, they do whatever they want and nobody can predict what they are going to do.
  • a pack of lies — If you say that an account is a pack of lies, you mean that it is completely untrue.
  • abdominopelvic — (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the abdomen and (the cavity of) the pelvis.
  • abraham cowleyAbraham, 1618–67, English poet.
  • absolute music — music that is not designed to depict or evoke any scene or event
  • absolute pitch — the ability to identify exactly the pitch of a note without comparing it to another
  • absolute scale — temperature (absolute temperature) as measured on a scale in which the hypothetical lowest limit of physical temperatures is assigned the value zero (absolute zero) as the Kelvin scale.
  • absolute space — space that is not affected by what occupies it or occurs within it and that provides a standard for distinguishing inertial systems from other frames of reference.
  • acceleratingly — in an accelerating manner
  • accelerational — Of, pertaining to, or caused by acceleration.
  • accelerometers — Plural form of accelerometer.
  • acceptableness — The quality of being acceptable, or suitable to be favorably received; acceptability.
  • accessibleness — the ability to be accessed
  • accessory cell — Immunology. any of various cells of the immune system that work with T or B cells to initiate a specific immune response.
  • accidentalness — the state of being accidental
  • accomplishable — to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish: to accomplish one's mission.
  • accomplishment — An accomplishment is something remarkable that has been done or achieved.
  • accordion file — an expanding file made of ridged paper with separate compartments for different types of document
  • account holder — the person whose name is on a bank account
  • accumulatively — tending to accumulate or arising from accumulation; cumulative.
  • acetylcysteine — a substance, C 5 H 9 NO 3 S, used in solution as an inhalant to dissolve mucus in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema and also used as an antidote in acetaminophen poisoning.
  • acetylene lamp — a lamp that works on acetylene
  • achaean league — a confederation of Achaean cities formed in the early third century bc, which became a political and military force in Greece, directed particularly against Macedonian domination of the Peloponnesus
  • achilles' heel — a portion, spot, area, or the like, that is especially or solely vulnerable: His Achilles heel is his quick temper.
  • acknowledgedly — by general agreement, admittedly
  • acknowledgment — An acknowledgment is a statement or action which recognizes that something exists or is true.
  • acleistocardia — a failure of the foramen ovale of the heart to close.
  • acorn barnacle — any of various barnacles, such as Balanus balanoides, that live attached to rocks and have a volcano-shaped shell from the top of which protrude feathery food-catching appendages (cirri)
  • active element — An active element is an element capable of generating electrical energy.
  • acute glaucoma — Ophthalmology. abnormally high fluid pressure in the eye, most commonly caused either by blockage of the channel through which aqueous humor drains (open-angle glaucoma or chronic glaucoma) or by pressure of the iris against the lens, which traps the aqueous humor (angle-closure glaucoma or acute glaucoma)
  • acute triangle — a triangle that has three acute angles
  • additive color — red, green, or blue-violet, as used in the additive process of color photography.
  • adenosclerosis — (medicine) The hardening of a gland.
  • adrenergically — in a manner relating to the release or activation of adrenaline
  • adrenocortical — relating to the adrenal cortex
  • aeroballistics — the ballistics of projectiles dropped, launched, or fired from aircraft
  • aerobiological — Pertaining to aerobiology.
  • aerobiotically — in an aerobiotic manner
  • aeroelastician — a specialist in the science of aeroelasticity
  • aeroelasticity — the science that studies how inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic forces interact
  • aeronautically — In a aeronautical manner; with respect to aeronautics or aviation.
  • aetiologically — etiology.
  • affectionately — showing, indicating, or characterized by affection or love; fondly tender: an affectionate embrace.
  • affectlessness — the inability to have or show emotion or feeling
  • african millet — a grass, Eleusine coracana, of Asia and Africa, having round fruit with a loose husk, grown as a cereal and as an ornamental.
  • african violet — any of several tropical African plants of the genus Saintpaulia, esp S. ionantha, cultivated as house plants, with violet, white, or pink flowers and hairy leaves: family Gesneriaceae
  • agaric mineral — rock milk.
  • agrotechnology — the technology of agriculture, as the methods or machinery needed for efficient production.

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