24-letter words containing a, b, s, o, l

  • a bit of slap and tickle — sexual play
  • a mixed bunch of flowers — a bunch of flowers of different, complementary, kinds
  • additional member system — a system of voting in which people vote separately for the candidate and the party of their choice. Parties are allocated extra seats if the number of constituencies they win does not reflect their overall share of the vote
  • adjustable-rate mortgage — a mortgage that provides for periodic changes in the interest rate, based on changing market condtions. Abbreviation: ARM.
  • antimicrobial resistance — the ability of an organism to resist the actions of the class of drugs that destroys or inhibits the growth of disease-causing microbes
  • assembly of the notables — notable (def 5).
  • assembly-of-the-notables — a prominent, distinguished, or important person.
  • bay of mont-saint-michel — an inlet of the Gulf of St Malo
  • behavioral psychophysics — the branch of psychology that deals with measurement of mental and sensory phenomena brought on by physical stimuli.
  • bidouilleurs sans argent — (body)   (BSA, French for "Moneyless Hackers") An association which aim is to help computer users who can't afford to buy commercial software. The main purpose of the association is the promotion of free software, and distribution of ex-commercial software. This is clearly an answer to the repressive attitude of the "other" BSA. Among BSA members are Richard Stallman, creator of the GNU project.
  • broadleaved spindle tree — a flowering tree, Euonymus Latifolius, native to some parts of Western Europe and widely planted as an ornamental
  • bull information systems — (company)   A multinational I.T. group based in Europe with 21,000 people and operations in more than 85 countries. In 1997, Bull earned revenues of over $4 billion, including over 65% outside of France, its country of origin. The company is ranked as the third largest systems integrator in Europe.
  • butylated hydroxyanisole — Chemistry, Pharmacology. BHA.
  • by common/mutual consent — If something happens by common consent or by mutual consent, it happens as the result of an agreement between the people or groups involved.
  • campbell-stokes recorder — an instrument for recording hours of sunshine per day, consisting of a solid glass sphere that focuses rays of sunlight onto a light-sensitive card on which a line is burnt
  • cast pearls before swine — to present something of great interest or value to someone incapable of appreciating it
  • cerebrospinal meningitis — an acute infectious form of meningitis caused by the bacterium Neisseria meningitidis, characterized by high fever, skin rash, delirium, stupor, and sometimes coma
  • cerebrovascular accident — a sudden interruption of the blood supply to the brain caused by rupture of an artery in the brain (cerebral haemorrhage) or the blocking of a blood vessel, as by a clot of blood (cerebral occlusion)
  • descriptive bibliography — the aspect of bibliography concerned with the close physical study and description of books and other works.
  • developmental disability — a disability, as mental retardation or cerebral palsy, that begins at an early age and continues indefinitely, leading to substantial handicap.
  • double overhead camshaft — a pair of overhead camshafts, one to operate the intake valves and the other to operate the exhaust valves. Abbreviation: DOHC.
  • double-crested cormorant — a North American cormorant, Phalacrocorax auritus, having tufts of black and white feathers on the sides of the head.
  • erythroblastosis fetalis — an anaemic blood disease of a fetus or newborn child, characterized by erythroblasts in the circulating blood: caused by a blood incompatibility between mother and fetus
  • exponential distribution — a continuous single-parameter distribution used esp when making statements about the length of life of certain materials or waiting times between randomly occurring events. Its density function is p(x) = λe–λx for positive λ and nonnegative x, and it is a special case of the gamma distribution
  • head and shoulders above — vastly superior to
  • hydrochlorofluorocarbons — Plural form of hydrochlorofluorocarbon.
  • in someone's black books — out of favour with someone
  • in words of one syllable — simply; bluntly
  • irritable bowel syndrome — any combination of common disturbances of the bowel, as diarrhea or constipation, occurring with abdominal pain, sometimes accompanied by psychological stress. Abbreviation: IBS.
  • komi autonomous republic — an autonomous republic in the NW Russian Federation in Europe. 145,221 sq. mi. (376,122 sq. km). Capital: Syktyvkar.
  • lab for computer science — MIT. http://lcs.mit.edu/.
  • laryngotracheobronchitis — A respiratory disease, a form of croup.
  • lead someone by the nose — to make someone do unquestioningly all one wishes; dominate someone
  • lease with option to buy — A lease with option to buy is a lease that states that the person leasing the property has the right to purchase it at the end of the lease period.
  • leave much to be desired — be inadequate
  • local loopback addresses — The special Internet address,, defined by the Internet Protocol. A host can use local the loopback address to send messages to itself.
  • logical block addressing — (storage)   (LBA) A hard disk sector addressing scheme used on all SCSI hard disks, and on ATA-2 conforming IDE hard disks. The addressing conversion is performed by the hard disk firmware. Prior to LBA, combined limitations of IBM PC BIOS and ATA restricted the useful capacity of IDE hard disks on IBM PCs and compatibles to 1024 cylinders * 63 sectors per track * 16 heads * 512 bytes per sector = 528 million bytes = 504 megabytes. Modern BIOSes select LBA mode automatically, and work around the 1024-cylinder BIOS limit by representing a hard disk to the OS as having e.g. half as many cylinders and twice as many heads. However, there is still an unbreakable BIOS disk size limit of 1024 cylinders * 63 sectors per track * 256 heads * 512 bytes per sector = 8 gigabytes, but modern OSes (including Windows 9x, Windows NT and Linux) are not affected by it, since they issue direct LBA-based calls, bypassing the BIOS hard disk services completely.
  • mari autonomous republic — autonomous republic in the Russian Federation in Europe. 8994 sq. mi. (23,294 sq. km). Capital: Ioshkar-Ola.
  • network addressable unit — (networking)   (NAU) The SNA term for an addressable entity. Examples include PUs, LUs, and SSCPs.
  • neutrosophic probability — (logic)   An extended form of probability based on Neutrosophy, in which a statement is held to be t true, i indeterminate, and f false, where t, i, f are real values from the ranges T, I, F, with no restriction on T, I, F or the sum n=t+i+f.
  • not sb's place to do sth — If you say that it is not your place to do something, you mean that it is not right or appropriate for you to do it, or that it is not your responsibility to do it.
  • object-oriented analysis — (programming)   (OOA) The first phase of object-oriented design.
  • other things being equal — If you say 'other things being equal' or 'all things being equal' when talking about a possible situation, you mean if nothing unexpected happens or if there are no other factors which affect the situation.
  • passive balance of trade — a negative balance of trade
  • people's liberation army — See under Huk (def 1).
  • portable scheme debugger — (PSD) A package for source code debugging of R4RS-compliant Scheme under GNU Emacs by Kellom ?ki Pertti <[email protected]>. Version 1.1. Distributed under GNU GPL. It works with scm, Elk and Scheme->C.
  • potassium cobaltinitrite — a yellow, crystalline, slightly water-soluble powder, K 3 Co(NO 2) 6 , used as a pigment in oil and watercolor paints, and for coloring surfaces of glass, porcelain, etc.
  • probability distribution — a distribution of all possible values of a random variable together with an indication of their probabilities.
  • public access television — television in which local producers or individuals can participate
  • public relations officer — a person who is responsible for communications with the public

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