29-letter words containing a, b, s, e, n, t

  • against one's better judgment — contrary to a more appropriate or preferred course of action
  • algorithmic assembly language — (language)   (ALIAS) A machine oriented variant of BLISS. ALIAS was implemented in BCPL for the PDP-9.
  • arabian-nights-entertainments — a collection of Eastern folk tales derived in part from Indian and Persian sources and dating from the 10th century a.d.
  • assembly language for multics — (language)   (ALM) The assembly language of the GE-645 in which critical portions of the Multics kernel were written.
  • atrocious assault and battery — an assault involving the actual wounding and maiming of another person.
  • barycentric coordinate system — a system of coordinates for an n- dimensional Euclidean space in which each point is represented by n constants whose sum is 1 and whose product with a given set of linearly independent points equals the point.
  • berkeley software design, inc — (company)   (BSDI) A company that sells BSD/OS, a commercial version of Berkeley Standard Distribution Unix, networking, and Internet technologies originally developed by the Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) at the University of California at Berkeley. Leading CSRG computer scientists founded BSDI in 1991. BSDI's BSD/OS represents over 20 years of development by the worldwide BSD technical community. BSD technology is known worldwide for its powerful, flexible and portable architecture and advanced development environments. BSDI designs, develops, markets, and supports the BSD/OS operating system, Internet server software for IBM PCs, and other products. BSDI planned to release an Internet gateway product for Novell IPX networks in 1995. E-mail: <[email protected]>. Address: 5575 Tech Center Drive, #110, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, USA. Telephone: +1 (719) 593 9445. Fax: +1 (719) 598 4238.
  • births, marriages, and deaths — a section of a newspaper carrying announcements of recent births, marriages, and deaths
  • brake mean effective pressure — Brake mean effective pressure is a calculation of the engine cylinder pressure that would give the measured brake horsepower.
  • british standard brass thread — a Whitworth screw thread having 26 threads per inch, used for thin-walled tubing and designated by the diameter of the tubing
  • compatible timesharing system — (operating system)   (CTSS) One of the earliest (1963) experiments in the design of interactive time-sharing operating systems. CTSS was ancestral to Multics, Unix, and ITS. It was developed at the MIT Computation Center by a team led by Fernando J. Corbato. CTSS ran on a modified IBM 7094 with a second 32K-word bank of memory, using two 2301 drums for swapping. Remote access was provided to up to 30 users via an IBM 7750 communications controller connected to dial-up modems. The name ITS (Incompatible time-sharing System) was a hack on CTSS, meant both as a joke and to express some basic differences in philosophy about the way I/O services should be presented to user programs.
  • conservation of baryon number — the principle that the total baryon number remains constant in all processes involving the interaction of elementary particles.
  • conservation of lepton number — the principle that the total lepton number remains constant in any process involving elementary particles.
  • direct broadcasting satellite — a satellite used to transmit television broadcasts intended for home reception
  • distributed logic programming — (language)   (DLP) A logic programming language similar to Prolog, combined with parallel object orientation similar to POOL. DLP supports distributed backtracking over the results of a rendezvous between objects. Multi-threaded objects have autonomous activity and may simultaneously evaluate method calls.
  • doggett's coat and badge race — an annual rowing race held on the River Thames to commemorate the accession of George I: the winner is presented with a coat bearing an embroidered badge
  • drink someone under the table — If someone drinks you under the table, they drink more alcohol than you are able to on a particular occasion.
  • edinburgh multi access system — (operating system)   (EMAS) One of the first operating systems written in a high-level language (IMProved Mercury autocode), apparently predating Unix.
  • extensible firmware interface — (specification)   (EFI) A specification originating from Intel Corporation, defining the interface between an operating system and platform firmware, and aiming to reduce OS dependence on details of the firmware implementation.
  • general purpose interface bus — IEEE 488
  • give a bad account of oneself — to perform badly
  • have mixed feelings about sth — If you have mixed feelings about something or someone, you feel uncertain about them because you can see both good and bad points about them.
  • hewlett-packard interface bus — IEEE 488
  • hot swapable routing protocol — (spelling)   Incorrect spelling of incorrect expansion of HSRP - Hot Standby Routing Protocol.
  • integrated systems laboratory — (company)   A joint project of Control Data Corporation and NCR Corporation, established in 1973 and dissolved in 1976. Integrated Systems Laboratory developed Software Writer's Language. Address: Escondidio, California, USA.
  • keep several balls in the air — If you keep several balls in the air, you try to do several different things at once.
  • keep something/someone at bay — If you keep something or someone at bay, or hold them at bay, you prevent them from reaching, attacking, or affecting you.
  • length between perpendiculars — the length of a hull between the forward and after perpendicular. Compare perpendicular (def 11).
  • like bees to/round a honeypot — If something attracts people like bees to a honeypot or like bees round a honeypot, it attracts people in large numbers.
  • link access protocol balanced — (protocol)   (LAPB) X.25 layer 2 (data link layer) protocol.
  • make an exhibition of oneself — to behave so foolishly in public that one excites notice or ridicule
  • mark-sweep garbage collection — Each cell has a bit reserved for marking which is clear initially. During garbage collection all active cells are traced from the root and marked. Then all cells are examined. Unmarked cells are freed.
  • mecklenburg-western pomerania — a state in NE Germany. 8842 sq. mi. (22,900 sq. km). Capital: Schwerin.
  • monobasic potassium phosphate — potassium diphosphate. See under potassium phosphate.
  • mordovian autonomous republic — an autonomous republic in the Russian Federation in Europe. 9843 sq. mi. (25,493 sq. km). Capital: Saransk.
  • more trouble than it is worth — If you say that someone or something is more trouble than they are worth, you mean that they cause you a lot of problems or take a lot of time and effort and you do not achieve or gain very much in return.
  • multiprotocol label switching — (networking)   (MPLS) A packet switching protocol developed by the IETF. Initially developed to improve switching speed, other benefits are now seen as being more important. MPLS adds a 32-bit label to each packet to improve network efficiency and to enable routers to direct packets along predefined routes in accordance with the required quality of service. The label is added when the packet enters the MPLS network, and is based on an analysis of the packet header. The label contains information on the route along which the packet may travel, and the forwarding equivalence class (FEC) of the packet. Packets with the same FEC are routed through the network in the same way. Routers make forwarding decisions based purely on the contents of the label. This simplifies the work done by the router, leading to an increase in speed. At each router, the label is replaced with a new label, which tells the next router how to forward the packet. The label is removed when the packet leaves the MPLS network. Modern ASIC-based routers can look up routes fast enough to make the speed increase less important. However, MPLS still has some benefits. The use of FECs allows QoS levels to be guaranteed, and MPLS allows IP tunnels to be created through a network, so that VPNs can be implemented without encryption.
  • non-uniform rational b spline — (graphics, mathematics)   (nurbs) A common term in Mechanical CAD. The NURBS has excellent continuity characteristics which make it useful for creating accurate models in 3D geometry generation and computer modelling.
  • object compatibility standard — (OCS) An 88open standard for compilers and linkers.
  • receivables collection period — A receivables collection period is a measure of cash flow that is calculated by dividing average receivables by credit sales per day.
  • shell-and-tube heat exchanger — A shell-and-tube heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger that consists of a cylinder carrying one fluid, with some smaller cylinders inside it carrying another fluid.
  • shipshape and bristol fashion — in good order; efficiently arranged
  • small business administration — a federal agency, created in 1953, that grants or guarantees long-term loans to small businesses. Abbreviation: SBA, S.B.A.
  • software description database — (networking)   Archie's database of names and short descriptions of many of the software packages, documents (like RFCs and educational material), and data files that are available via the Internet.
  • symbolic automatic integrator — (mathematics, tool)   (SAINT) A symbolic mathematics program written in Lisp by J. Slagle at MIT in 1961.
  • take sb into one's confidence — If you take someone into your confidence, you tell them a secret.
  • the be-all and end-all of sth — If something is the be-all and end-all to you, it is the only important thing in your life, or the only important feature of a particular activity.
  • the northern ireland assembly — the devolved legislature of Northern Ireland, located at Stormont in Belfast
  • the royal ulster constabulary — (formerly) the police force in Northern Ireland from 1922 to 2001, superseded by the Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • to be mentioned in dispatches — If a soldier is mentioned in dispatches, he or she is considered to have been extremely brave in a battle, and is recommended for a medal.

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