16-letter words containing a, b, s, e, n, t

  • abdominocentesis — (surgery) Extraction of peritoneal fluid from the abdomen for evaluation, using a trocar.
  • absentmindedness — Alternative form of absent-mindedness.
  • absolute ceiling — the maximum height above sea level, usually measured in feet or metres, at which an aircraft can maintain horizontal flight
  • absolute minimum — the smallest value a given function assumes on a specified set. Compare minimum (def 5a).
  • absolute monarch — a monarchy that is not limited or restrained by laws or a constitution.
  • absorbent cotton — raw cotton made absorbent by the removal of its wax: used for surgical dressings, etc.
  • abstract machine — 1.   (language)   A processor design which is not intended to be implemented as hardware, but which is the notional executor of a particular intermediate language (abstract machine language) used in a compiler or interpreter. An abstract machine has an instruction set, a register set and a model of memory. It may provide instructions which are closer to the language being compiled than any physical computer or it may be used to make the language implementation easier to port to other platforms. A virtual machine is an abstract machine for which an interpreter exists. Examples: ABC, Abstract Machine Notation, ALF, CAML, F-code, FP/M, Hermes, LOWL, Christmas, SDL, S-K reduction machine, SECD, Tbl, Tcode, TL0, WAM. 2.   (theory)   A procedure for executing a set of instructions in some formal language, possibly also taking in input data and producing output. Such abstract machines are not intended to be constructed as hardware but are used in thought experiments about computability. Examples: Finite State Machine, Turing Machine.
  • accountabilities — the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.
  • accounts payable — A company's accounts payable are all the money that it owes to other companies for goods or services that it has received, or a list of these companies and the amounts owed to them.
  • agustin iturbide — Agustín de [ah-goos-teen de] /ˌɑ gusˈtin dɛ/ (Show IPA), 1783–1824, Mexican soldier and revolutionary: as Agustín I, emperor of Mexico 1822–23.
  • ambidextrousness — The state or quality of being ambidextrous.
  • ambulance stocks — high-performance stocks and shares recommended by a broker to a dissatisfied client to improve their relationship
  • amebic dysentery — a form of dysentery caused by an amoeba (Entamoeba histolytica)
  • anabolic steroid — Anabolic steroids are drugs which people, especially athletes, take to make their muscles bigger and to give them more strength.
  • appeals tribunal — a tribunal that hears appeals
  • assembly routine — assembler (def 2a).
  • balance transfer — the act of transferring debt from one credit card to another, assuming that the second card has better terms or interest rates than the first
  • band-pass filter — a filter that transmits only those currents having a frequency lying within specified limits
  • banned substance — In sport, banned substances are drugs that competitors are not allowed to take because they could artificially improve their performance.
  • bare necessities — only the essentials
  • bargain basement — If you refer to something as a bargain basement thing, you mean that it is cheap and not very good quality.
  • bargain-basement — very low-priced.
  • baron tweedsmuir — the title of Scottish novelist John Buchan
  • basal anesthesia — anesthesia induced as a preliminary to further and deeper anesthesia
  • basement complex — the undifferentiated assemblage of rock (basement rock) underlying the oldest stratified rocks in any region: usually crystalline, metamorphosed, and mostly, but not necessarily, Precambrian in age.
  • bastard culverin — a 16th-century cannon, smaller than a culverin, firing a shot of between 5 and 8 pounds (11 and 17.6 kg).
  • batch processing — manufacturing products or treating materials in batches, by passing the output of one process to subsequent processes
  • batesian mimicry — mimicry in which a harmless species is protected from predators by means of its resemblance to a harmful or inedible species
  • be of assistance — Someone or something that is of assistance to you is helpful or useful to you.
  • bearing pedestal — an independent support for a bearing, usually incorporating a bearing housing
  • bearish tendency — a tendency for share prices to fall
  • beefsteak fungus — an edible reddish bracket fungus, Fistulina hepatica, that grows esp on oak trees and oozes a bloodlike juice
  • benoit samuelsonJoan (Joan Benoit) born 1957, U.S. distance runner: first Olympic marathon women's winner, 1984.
  • benzoate of soda — sodium benzoate
  • bertrand russell — (person)   (1872-1970) A British mathematician, the discoverer of Russell's paradox.
  • beta abstraction — [lambda-calculus] The conversion of an expression to an application of a lambda abstraction to an argument expression. Some subterm of the original expression becomes the argument of the abstraction and the rest becomes its body. E.g. 4+1 --> (\ x . x+1) 4 The opposite of beta abstraction is beta reduction. These are the two kinds of beta conversion.
  • birthday present — a gift given to someone on their birthday
  • bite one's nails — to chew off the ends of one's fingernails
  • black nightshade — a poisonous solanaceous plant, Solanum nigrum, a common weed in cultivated land, having small white flowers with backward-curved petals and black berry-like fruits
  • blasting gelatin — a type of plastic dynamite containing about 7 percent of a cellulose nitrate, used chiefly in underwater work.
  • blow one's stack — to lose one's temper; fly into a rage
  • boatswain's mate — a job classification in the US navy
  • boatswain's pipe — a whistle used formerly to give orders on board ship
  • bonneville flats — an area of salt flats in the W part of Great Salt Lake Desert, in NW Utah: site of automobile speed tests.
  • boston cream pie — a cake of two layers with icing and a creamy filling
  • boston tea party — a raid in 1773 made by citizens of Boston (disguised as Indians) on three British ships in the harbour as a protest against taxes on tea and the monopoly given to the East India Company. The contents of several hundred chests of tea were dumped into the harbour
  • boundary dispute — dispute between neighbours about the boundary between their properties
  • bracknell forest — a unitary authority in SE England, in E Berkshire. Pop: 110 100 (2003 est). Area: 109 sq km (42 sq miles)
  • bragg scattering — the diffraction phenomenon exhibited by a crystal bombarded with x-rays in such a way that each plane of the crystal lattice acts as a reflector (Bragg reflector)
  • braking distance — the distance a vehicle travels from the point at which its brakes are applied to the point at which it comes to a stop

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