12-letter words containing a, b, s, e, n, t

  • abandonments — Plural form of abandonment.
  • abortiveness — imperfect development; rudimentary nature
  • abridgements — Plural form of abridgement.
  • absentminded — so lost in thought that one does not realize what one is doing, what is happening, etc.; preoccupied to the extent of being unaware of one's immediate surroundings.
  • absinthiated — containing wormwood
  • absoluteness — the quality of being absolute
  • abstractness — the quality of being abstract as opposed to concrete
  • abstruseness — hard to understand; recondite; esoteric: abstruse theories.
  • afterburners — Plural form of afterburner.
  • ambisinister — clumsy or unskillful with both hands.
  • ambitionless — without ambition, unambitious
  • annie besant — Annie (Wood) 1847–1933, English theosophist.
  • antechambers — Plural form of antechamber.
  • antibusiness — opposed to business interests, particularly those of large-scale corporations
  • antidiabetes — Countering diabetes.
  • antifebriles — Plural form of antifebrile.
  • antisociable — Antisocial.
  • archibenthos — the ocean bottom between the littoral and abyssal zones: from depths of approximately 200 feet (60 meters) to 3300 feet (1000 meters).
  • astonishable — (obsolete) Astonishing.
  • bag snatcher — a thief whose main tactic is to grab women's handbags and run off with them
  • bairnsfather — Bruce. 1888–1959, British cartoonist, born in India: best known for his cartoons of the war in the trenches during World War I
  • baking sheet — A baking sheet is a flat piece of metal on which you bake foods such as biscuits or pies in an oven.
  • balinese cat — a breed of cat with medium-length silky hair, a plumed tail, blue eyes, large ears, and a dark mask, tail, and paws
  • ballast line — the level to which a vessel is immersed when in ballast.
  • balletomanes — Plural form of balletomane.
  • balloon seat — (on some 18th-century chairs) a seat having an outline resembling that of a bell.
  • bandersnatch — a fictional creature created by Lewis Carroll in his poem Jabberwocky, and appearing also in The Hunting of the Snark and Through the Looking-Glass
  • bandoneonist — One who plays the bandoneon.
  • bank deposit — money placed in a bank account
  • bankruptcies — Plural form of bankruptcy.
  • bar sinister — the condition, implication, or stigma of being of illegitimate birth
  • barnstormers — Plural form of barnstormer.
  • base station — a fixed transmitter that forms part of an otherwise mobile radio network
  • basementless — without a basement
  • basketmaking — The construction of baskets, especially by traditional means.
  • basset hound — A basset hound is a dog with short strong legs, a long body, and long ears. It is kept as a pet or used for hunting.
  • battlefronts — Plural form of battlefront.
  • battlewagons — Plural form of battlewagon.
  • bean sprouts — the sprouts of newly germinated mung beans, eaten as a vegetable, esp in Chinese dishes
  • bean-shooter — peashooter.
  • bear witness — to give written or oral testimony
  • beardtongues — Plural form of beardtongue.
  • beauty salon — A beauty salon is the same as a beauty parlour.
  • benefactress — a female benefactor
  • beta orionis — Rigel
  • beta testing — (programming)   Evaluation of a pre-release (potentially unreliable) version of a piece of software (or possibly hardware) by making it available to selected users ("beta testers") before it goes on general distribution. Beta testign aims to discover bugs that only occur in certain environments or under certain patterns of use, while reducing the volume of feedback to a manageable level. The testers benefit by having earlier access to new products, features and fixes. Beta testing may be preceded by "alpha testing", performed in-house by a handful of users (e.g. other developers or friends), who can be expected to give rapid, high quality feedback on design and usability. Once the product is considered to be usable for its intended purpose it then moves on to "beta testing" by a larger, but typically still limited, number of ordinary users, who may include external customers. Some companies such as Google or Degree Jungle stretch the definition, claiming their products are "in beta" for many months by millions of users. The term derives from early 1960s terminology for product cycle checkpoints, first used at IBM but later standard throughout the industry. "Alpha test" was the unit test, module test or component test phase; "Beta Test" was initial system test. These themselves came from earlier A- and B-tests for hardware. The A-test was a feasibility and manufacturability evaluation done before any commitment to design and development. The B-test was a demonstration that the engineering model functioned as specified. The C-test (corresponding to today's beta) was the B-test performed on early samples of the production design.
  • beta version — beta testing
  • bien pensant — a right-thinking person
  • billingsgate — the largest fish market in London, on the N bank of the River Thames; moved to new site at Canary Wharf in 1982 and the former building converted into offices
  • biomagnetics — the study of magnetic fields as a form of therapy

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