Words containing a, b, o, w

4 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • woba — Western Ontario Badminton Association

5 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • ablow — in bloom; blossoming
  • abowt — Obsolete spelling of about.
  • bowat — a small lamp or lantern

6 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • ballow — a heavy club; a cudgel
  • barlow — a large strong pocket-knife with a single blade
  • barrow — A barrow is the same as a wheelbarrow.
  • bartow — a city in central Florida.
  • botwar — (chat)   The epic struggle of bots vying for dominance. Botwars are generally (and quite inappropriately) carried out on talk systems, typically IRC, where botwar crossfire (such as pingflooding) absorbs scarce server resources and obstructs human conversation. The wisdom of experience indicates that Core Wars, not talk systems, are the appropriate venue for aggressive bots and their botmasters. Compare penis war.

7 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • bagwork — a revetment, consisting of heavy material sewn into bags, for protecting embankments against scour.
  • bagworm — the larva of moths of the family Psychidae, which forms a protective case of silk covered with grass, leaves, etc
  • ballows — Plural form of ballow.
  • barrows — Plural form of barrow.
  • barstow — a city in S California.

8 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • avowable — Capable of being avowed or openly acknowledged with confidence.
  • avowably — in an avowable manner; not secret or hidden
  • backdown — an act of retreating from a previously asserted position
  • backflow — a reverse flow, the movement (of a liquid) in the opposite direction to its previous, natural or intended direction
  • backwood — (often used with a singular verb) wooded or partially uncleared and unsettled districts.

9 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • allowable — If people decide that something is allowable, they let it happen without trying to stop it.
  • allowably — In an allowable manner.
  • backdowns — Plural form of backdown.
  • backflows — Plural form of backflow.
  • backsword — a person who uses the backsword

10 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • all-elbows — (jargon)   Said of a TSR (terminate-and-stay-resident) mess-dos program, such as the N pop-up calendar and calculator utilities that circulate on BBS systems: unsociable. Used to describe a program that rudely steals the resources that it needs without considering that other TSRs may also be resident. One particularly common form of rudeness is lock-up due to programs fighting over the keyboard interrupt.
  • allowables — that may be allowed; legitimate; permissible: an allowable tax deduction.
  • angwantibo — a rare gold-coloured prosimian primate of tropical Africa, Arctocebus calabarensis, having digits that are specialized as a pair of pincers for climbing: family Lorisidae (lorises)
  • backswords — Plural form of backsword.
  • backwoodsy — like or of the nature of backwoods

11 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • abandonware — computer software which is no longer sold or supported by its publisher
  • ashwaubenon — a town in E Wisconsin.
  • backflowing — Flowing backwards.
  • ball-flower — a decoration in a molding that looks like a ball held in the petals of a flower
  • bandywallop — an imaginary town, far from civilization

12 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • allowability — The state of being allowable; legitimacy; permissibleness.
  • avowableness — the quality or condition of being avowable
  • backswordman — a person who uses a backsword.
  • backwoodsman — Backwoodsmen are people, especially politicians, who like the old ways of doing things, or who are involved in an organization at a local level.
  • backwoodsmen — Plural form of backwoodsman.

13 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • allowableness — the quality of being allowable
  • assemblywoman — In the United States, an assemblywoman is a female elected member of an assembly of people who make decisions and laws.
  • assemblywomen — Plural form of assemblywoman.
  • backwardation — the difference between the spot price for a commodity, including rent and interest, and the forward price
  • blanketflower — a hardy flowering plant, Gaillardia aristata, that grows in the US

14 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • albury-wodonga — a town in SE Australia, in S central New South Wales, on the Murray River: commercial centre of an agricultural region. Pop: 69 880 (2001)
  • ambulancewoman — a woman who works as part of an ambulance crew
  • basotho-qwaqwa — (formerly) a Bantustan in South Africa, in the Orange Free State; the only Bantustan without exclaves: abolished in 1993
  • battered-women — the array of physical and psychological injuries exhibited by women (battered women or battered wives) who have been beaten repeatedly or otherwise abused by their partners or spouses.
  • blanket-flower — any composite plant of the genus Gaillardia, having showy heads of yellow or red flowers.

15 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • acknowledgeable — to admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact of: to acknowledge one's mistakes.
  • acknowledgeably — in a way that is able to be generally acknowledged or recognized
  • brown-and-serve — requiring only a brief period of browning, as in an oven, before being ready to serve: brown-and-serve rolls.
  • knowledge-based — characterized by the dominance of information services as an area of growth
  • unknowledgeable — possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, or understanding; intelligent; well-informed; discerning; perceptive.

16 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • backward-looking — If you describe someone or something as backward-looking, you disapprove of their attitudes, ideas, or actions because they are based on old-fashioned opinions or methods.
  • bethmann-hollweg — Theobald von [tey-oh-bahlt fuh n] /ˈteɪ oʊˌbɑlt fən/ (Show IPA), 1856–1921, German statesman: chancellor 1909–17.
  • knowledgeability — possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight, or understanding; intelligent; well-informed; discerning; perceptive.
  • off-off-broadway — experimental or avant-garde drama produced in New York City, in small theaters, halls, churches, etc.
  • swedenborgianism — of or relating to Emanuel Swedenborg, his religious doctrines, or the body of followers adhering to these doctrines and constituting the Church of the New Jerusalem, or New Church.

17 letter words containing a, b, o, w

19 letter words containing a, b, o, w

  • aldridge-brownhills — a town in central England, in Walsall unitary authority, West Midlands: formed by the amalgamation of neighbouring towns in 1966. Pop: 35 525 (2001)
  • websters-dictionary — Informal. a dictionary of the English language, especially American English, such as Dictionary.com.

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