8-letter words containing a, b, o, v, e

  • abortive — An abortive attempt or action is unsuccessful.
  • absolved — Simple past tense and past participle of absolve.
  • absolver — to free from guilt or blame or their consequences: The court absolved her of guilt in his death.
  • absolves — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of absolve.
  • avowable — Capable of being avowed or openly acknowledged with confidence.
  • beauvoir — Siˈmone de (siˈmɔn də ) ; sēm^ōnˈ də) 1908-86; Fr. existentialist writer
  • behavior — People's or animals' behavior is the way that they behave. You can refer to a typical and repeated way of behaving as a behavior.
  • bevatron — a proton synchrotron at the University of California
  • bloviate — to talk at length, esp in an insubstantial but inflated manner
  • bob veal — the flesh of an unborn or newborn calf, used for food.
  • bow wave — wave that forms at the front of a ship
  • cab-over — a truck tractor or other vehicle in which the cab is located over the engine.
  • evocable — That can be evoked.
  • lavaboes — Plural form of lavabo.
  • loveable — of such a nature as to attract love; deserving love; amiable; endearing.
  • movables — Plural form of movable.
  • moveable — capable of being moved; not fixed in one place, position, or posture.
  • moveably — in a movable manner
  • obviable — having the ability to be obviated
  • obviated — to anticipate and prevent or eliminate (difficulties, disadvantages, etc.) by effective measures; render unnecessary: to obviate the risk of serious injury.
  • obviates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of obviate.
  • outbrave — to stand up to; face defiantly: to outbrave charges of misconduct.
  • ovenable — able to be cooked in an oven.
  • overbake — (transitive) To bake for too long.
  • overbank — to have the balance staff oscillate so greatly that the fork of the lever fails to engage, rendering the escapement inoperative.
  • overbear — to bear over or down by weight or force: With his superior strength he easily overbore his opponent in the fight.
  • overbeat — to strike violently or forcefully and repeatedly.
  • provable — to establish the truth or genuineness of, as by evidence or argument: to prove one's claim.
  • solvable — capable of being solved, as a problem.
  • subovate — almost egg-shaped
  • violable — capable of being violated: a violable precept.
  • voidable — capable of being nullified or invalidated.
  • voteable — capable of being voted upon; subject to a vote: a votable issue.

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