16-letter words containing a, b, o, v, e

  • above and beyond — in addition to
  • activated carbon — a porous highly adsorptive form of carbon used to remove colour or impurities from liquids and gases, in the separation and extraction of chemical compounds, and in the recovery of solvents
  • all sb ever does — You use the expression all someone ever does when you want to emphasize that they do the same thing all the time, and this annoys you.
  • apollo belvedere — a Roman marble statue, possibly a copy of a Greek original of the 4th–1st centuries b.c.
  • attributive noun — a noun that occurs before and modifies another noun, as toy in toy store or tour in tour group.
  • basque provinces — an autonomous region of N Spain, comprising the provinces of Álava, Guipúzcoa, and Vizcaya: inhabited mainly by Basques, who retained virtual autonomy from the 9th to the 19th century. Pop: 1 840 700 (2003 est). Area: about 7250 sq km (2800 sq miles)
  • behavior pattern — a recurrent way of acting by an individual or group toward a given object or in a given situation.
  • behavior therapy — therapy employing behavior modification
  • behavioural sink — a small area in which people or animals live in overcrowded conditions
  • bioenvironmental — pertaining to the environment of living organisms: Bioenvironmental engineers seek to reduce air and water pollution.
  • biological value — the nutritional effectiveness of the protein in a given food, expressed as the percentage used by the body of either the total protein consumed or the digestible protein available.
  • bonneville flats — an area of salt flats in the W part of Great Salt Lake Desert, in NW Utah: site of automobile speed tests.
  • branchial groove — one of a series of rudimentary depressions on the surface of the embryo between adjacent branchial arches, homologous to the branchial clefts of gill-breathing ancestral forms.
  • break-even point — When a company reaches break-even point, the money it makes from the sale of goods or services is just enough to cover the cost of supplying those goods or services, but not enough to make a profit.
  • buying behaviour — the behaviours displayed by consumers when they purchase things, such as preferences, price points, etc
  • cable television — Cable television is a television system in which signals are sent along wires rather than by radio waves.
  • cannonball serve — (in tennis) a very fast low serve
  • come/bring alive — If a story or description comes alive, it becomes interesting, lively, or realistic. If someone or something brings it alive, they make it seem more interesting, lively, or realistic.
  • complex variable — a variable to which complex numbers may be assigned as value.
  • control variable — Also called control. Statistics. a person, group, event, etc., that is used as a constant and unchanging standard of comparison in scientific experimentation. Compare dependent variable (def 2), independent variable (def 2).
  • conversion table — a diagram which shows equivalent amounts in different measuring systems
  • cooperative bank — a cooperative savings institution, chartered and regulated by a state or the federal government, that receives deposits in exchange for shares of ownership and invests its funds chiefly in loans secured by first mortgages on homes.
  • de broglie waves — the set of waves that represent the behaviour of an elementary particle, or some atoms and molecules, under certain conditions. The de Broglie wavelength, λ, is given by λ = h/mv, where h is the Planck constant, m the mass, and v the velocity of the particle
  • development bank — A development bank is a bank that provides money for projects in poor countries or areas.
  • division algebra — a linear algebra in which each element of the vector space has a multiplicative inverse.
  • forced vibration — Forced vibration is a type of vibration in which a force is repeatedly applied to a mechanical system.
  • have a big mouth — to speak indiscreetly, loudly, or excessively
  • have been around — be experienced
  • have no business — an occupation, profession, or trade: His business is poultry farming.
  • have sb to thank — If you say that you have someone to thank for something, you mean that you are grateful to them because they caused it to happen.
  • inconceivability — (uncountable) The quality of being inconceivable.
  • incontravertable — Misspelling of incontrovertible.
  • interbehavioural — relating to or involving interbehaviour
  • invisible shadow — (in architectural shades and shadows) a three-dimensional space occupied by the shadow projected by a solid and within which a surface is in shadow.
  • irresolvableness — The state or quality of being irresolvable.
  • labour-intensive — Labour-intensive industries or methods of making things involve a lot of workers. Compare capital-intensive.
  • leave of absence — permission to be absent from duty, employment, service, etc.; leave.
  • leveraged buyout — the purchase of a company with borrowed money, using the company's assets as collateral, and often discharging the debt and realizing a profit by liquidating the company. Abbreviation: LBO.
  • lick observatory — the astronomical observatory of the University of California, situated on Mount Hamilton, near San Jose, California, and having a 120-inch (3-meter) reflecting telescope and a 36-inch (91-cm) refracting telescope.
  • mass observation — the study of the social habits of people through observation, interviews, etc
  • medal of bravery — a Canadian award for courage
  • objective danger — a danger, such as a stone fall or avalanche, to which climbing skill is irrelevant
  • objective pascal — An extension of the PASCAL language which provides the possibility to use object-oriented programming constructs.
  • observation deck — an area on a high building that is surrounded with railings or fencing and which provides panoramic views
  • observation post — a forward position, often on high ground, from which enemy activity can be observed and, particularly, from which artillery or mortar fire can be directed.
  • observation ward — a ward in a hospital where patients are monitored
  • observationalist — One who relies on empirical observations.
  • observationality — The property of being observational.
  • orbital velocity — the minimum velocity at which a body must move to maintain a given orbit.
  • overexcitability — to excite too much.

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