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adj achromic

  • dull β€” not sharp; blunt: a dull knife.
  • drab β€” dull; cheerless; lacking in spirit, brightness, etc.
  • silver β€” Abba Hillel [ab-uh] /ˈæb Ι™/ (Show IPA), 1893–1963, U.S. rabbi, born in Lithuania.
  • silvery β€” resembling silver; of a lustrous grayish-white color: the silvery moon.
  • pasty β€” of or like paste in consistency, texture, color, etc.
  • ivory β€” the hard white substance, a variety of dentin, composing the main part of the tusks of the elephant, walrus, etc.
  • pearly β€” like a pearl, especially in being white or lustrous; nacreous: her pearly teeth.
  • fair β€” free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fair judge.
  • alabaster β€” Alabaster is a white stone that is used for making statues, vases, and ornaments.
  • light β€” a light product, as a beer or cigarette.
  • clear β€” Something that is clear is easy to understand, see, or hear.
  • frosted β€” covered with or having frost.
  • achromatic β€” without colour
  • anemic β€” Pathology. suffering from anemia.
  • ashen β€” Someone who is ashen looks very pale, especially because they are ill, shocked, or frightened.
  • blanched β€” to force back or to one side; head off, as a deer or other quarry.
  • cadaverous β€” If you describe someone as cadaverous, you mean they are extremely thin and pale.
  • faded β€” to lose brightness or vividness of color.
  • flat β€” horizontally level: a flat roof.
  • ghastly β€” shockingly frightful or dreadful; horrible: a ghastly murder.
  • livid β€” having a discolored, bluish appearance caused by a bruise, congestion of blood vessels, strangulation, etc., as the face, flesh, hands, or nails.
  • lurid β€” gruesome; horrible; revolting: the lurid details of an accident.
  • neutral β€” not taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others: a neutral nation during World War II.
  • pale β€” light-colored or lacking in color: a pale complexion; his pale face; a pale child. lacking the usual intensity of color due to fear, illness, stress, etc.: She looked pale and unwell when we visited her in the nursing home.
  • sickly β€” not strong; unhealthy; ailing.
  • wan β€” of an unnatural or sickly pallor; pallid; lacking color: His wan face suddenly flushed.
  • waxen β€” pertaining to, made of, or resembling wax: a wax candle; a wax doll.
  • white β€” of the color of pure snow, of the margins of this page, etc.; reflecting nearly all the rays of sunlight or a similar light.
  • ashy β€” of a pale greyish colour; ashen
  • bleached β€” made lighter in colour
  • doughy β€” of or like dough, especially in being soft and heavy or pallid and flabby: a doughy consistency; a fat, doughy face.
  • colored β€” Something that is colored a particular color is that color.
  • washed out β€” capable of being washed without shrinking, fading, etc.; washable: a wash dress.
  • bloodless β€” A bloodless coup or victory is one in which nobody is killed.
  • chalky β€” Something that is chalky contains chalk or is covered with chalk.
  • hoary β€” gray or white with age: an old dog with a hoary muzzle.
  • immaculate β€” free from spot or stain; spotlessly clean: immaculate linen.
  • milky β€” of or like milk, especially in appearance or consistency.
  • pallid β€” pale; faint or deficient in color; wan: a pallid countenance.
  • snowy β€” abounding in or covered with snow: snowy fields.
  • transparent β€” having the property of transmitting rays of light through its substance so that bodies situated beyond or behind can be distinctly seen.

adjective achromic

  • anaemic β€” Someone who is anaemic suffers from anaemia.
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