Sentences with -'s

' '
  • ...the chairman's son.
  • ...new strategies for the 1990's.
  • Pronounced (-s) after the consonant sounds (p, t, k, f) or (θ), and (-ɪz) after the consonant sounds (s, z, ʃ, ʒ, tʃ) or (dʒ). After other sounds -'s is pronounced (-z). A final -s' is pronounced in the same way as a final -s.
  • ...her two beloved cats.
  • He never thinks about it.
  • Boys
  • He runs
  • Fats
  • Girls'
  • Man's
  • Children's
  • 20's
  • He's here
  • Let's
  • Where's he live?
  • A child's game, the defense attorney's case, the Senator from Maine's bill, one's own ideas
  • A children's dictionary
  • He's here
  • She's done it
  • What's it matter?
  • Shouts, gives, runs
  • Betimes, days
  • Cats' whiskers, the Johnsons' children, Americans' eating habits
  • What are you guys waiting for? Let’s go!
  • All’s he wanted was to go home.
  • The dog’s running after me!
  • The dog’s been chasing the mail carrier again.
  • What’s he do for a living?What’s it say?Where’s the n in Javanese come from?
  • Where’s the table tennis balls?
  • There are four 3’s in my phone number. “Banana” has three a’s and one b. (apostrophe "s" used so that the plural of “a” is not confused with the word “as”)You can buy CD’s in that shop. These are the do’s and don’ts. (apostrophe "s" used as “dos” may be misread)
  • Apple’s 50p a pound
  • The cat bit the dog’s tail and ran. (the dog + ’s)The cat bit the dog with the shaggy fur’s tail and ran. (the dog with the shaggy fur + ’s)women’s contributions to science
  • We’re going to Luigi’s for dinner tonight. — that is, “Luigi’s house” or “Luigi’s restaurant”I'm going to the butcher’s for a steak. I bought it at Tesco's. ( see s-form )
  • You need a driver’s licence. These are popular boy’s T-shirts. Alex can be a girl’s name. That's a girl’s toy. (A toy intended for use by girls. ) — Homographic to: That's a girl’s toy. (The toy of a specific girl. )
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