Sentences with -ish

I i
  • She is tallish, brown-haired, and clear-skinned.
  • She had entirely lost her girlish chubbiness.
  • I'll call you guys tomorrow. Noon-ish.
  • Scottish
  • Slavish
  • Yellowish
  • Bookish
  • Spanish, Irish
  • Devilish, boyish
  • Knavish
  • Tallish, bluish
  • Thirtyish
  • Her face had a girlish charm.
  • Her face had a greenish tinge.
  • We arrived at tennish;  We arrived tennish. (Sometime around ten. )I couldn't tell his precise age, but he was fiftyish.
  • British, Cornish, Danish, English, Finnish, Irish, Jewish, Kentish, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish etc.
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