Sentences with -ed

E e
  • I posted the letter.
  • ...a fat, bearded man.
  • Pronounced (-ɪd) after (t) or (d), and (-t) after one of the following sounds: (p, f, θ, s, tʃ, ʃ, k). In other cases, it is pronounced (-d).
  • ...a cone-shaped container.
  • Salaried; red-blooded
  • Walked, wanted
  • Cultured people, measured cadences; echinated
  • Bearded, diseased
  • Pointed (as in He pointed at the dog. )
  • Pointed (as in He has pointed at the dog. )
  • Pointed (as in A needle has a pointed end. - the end of a needle has a point. )
  • Red-haired (having red hair)left-handed (having a left hand as more dexterous hand)
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