Sentences with cable

C c
  • ...overhead power cables.
  • ...the heavy anchor cable.
  • The bridge is held up by cables.
  • We need more cable to hook up the computers.
  • They ran commercials on cable systems across the country.
  • She sent a cable to her mother.
  • Their company supplied cable for the project.
  • With cable broadband, you buy plans that provide a download speed up to 30 megabits per second, which is lightning fast.
  • 'Don't do it again,' Franklin cabled her when he got her letter. [VERB noun with quote]
  • In France, 27 major cities are soon to be cabled. [be VERB-ed]
  • A submarine cable
  • In urban areas an underground cable is used to deliver power to buildings.A transmission line is a cable for carrying an electrical signal from one place to another.A cable is a conducting wire or wires separated and surrounded by a dielectric substance or insulation.
  • I tried to watch the movie last night but my cable was out.
  • The state will be completely cabled in a few years.
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