Sentences with acn

A a
  • ACN, or more fully, acrylonitrile is used in the manufacture of elastomers, resins, and acrylic fibers.ACN (C₃H₃N) can be produced via the ammoxidation of propylene or via the cyanation of ethylene oxide.ACN is a monomer with the formula C₃H₃N.
  • Three-letter abbreviations are usually pronounced as separate letters with the stress on the last syllable.ACN ( /eɪ si ɛn/)API ( /eɪ pi aɪ/)CCS ( /si si ɛs/)FCC ( /ɛf si si/)LPG ( /ɛl pi dʒi/)MWD ( /ɛm dʌbəlyu di/)SDA ( /ɛs di eɪ/)SIS ( /ɛs aɪ ɛs/)STP ( /ɛs ti pi/)TOC ( /ti oʊ si/)
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