Sentences with abstract

A a
  • ...abstract principles such as justice.
  • ...abstract words such as glory, honor, and courage.
  • Nikka Kalashnikova showed Jamieson some abstract paintings by an artist called Aelita Andre.
  • The strident new images were as radical in their profession of narrative content as the abstract works had been in their minimalism.
  • ...a modern abstract painting.
  • ...a licence to abstract water from the River Axe. [VERB noun from noun]
  • Inge King finds inspiration in the landscape of her adopted country for her abstract sculptures, writes Gabriella Coslovich.
  • The adjective and noun are pronounced (æbstrækt). The verb is pronounced (æbstrækt).
  • An abstract machine
  • The word 'man' does not name all men but the abstract idea of manhood
  • Beauty is an abstract word
  • An abstract idea.
  • abstract science.
  • abstract speculations.
  • To abstract the notions of time, space, and matter.
  • Beauty in the abstract.
  • The lightning of the public burdens, which at present abstract a large proportion of profits and wages.
  • Poison from roses who could e'er abstract?
  • To abstract the notions of time, of space, and of matter.
  • He was wholly abstracted by other objects.
  • He abstracted out the square root function.
  • Abstract words such as glory, honour, courage, or hallow were obscene.
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