Rhymes with abusing

A a

Two-syllable rhymes

  • boozing — any alcoholic beverage; whiskey.
  • bruising — If someone has bruising on their body, they have bruises on it.
  • choosing — to select from a number of possibilities; pick by preference: She chose Sunday for her departure.
  • fusing — Electricity. a protective device, used in an electric circuit, containing a conductor that melts under heat produced by an excess current, thereby opening the circuit. Compare circuit breaker.
  • losing — causing or suffering loss.
  • musing — absorbed in thought; meditative.
  • oozing — (of moisture, liquid, etc.) to flow, percolate, or exude slowly, as through holes or small openings.
  • using — to employ for some purpose; put into service; make use of: to use a knife.

Three-syllable rhymes

  • accusing — If you look at someone with an accusing expression or speak to them in an accusing tone of voice, you are showing that you think they have done something wrong.
  • amusing — Someone or something that is amusing makes you laugh or smile.
  • confusing — Something that is confusing makes it difficult for people to know exactly what is happening or what to do.
  • misusing — wrong or improper use; misapplication.
  • refusing — to decline to accept (something offered): to refuse an award.
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