How to pronounce a home away from home

a home a·way from home
A a
  • a home away from home [ey hohm uh-wey fruhm, from hohm] pronunciation in American English US
  • a home away from home /ə həʊm əˈweɪ frəm həʊm/ pronunciation in British English UK

This page is made for those who don’t know how to pronounce a Home Away from Home in English. Above there is a transcription of this term and an audio file with correct pronunciation. You can listen to 2 audio pronunciation by different people. There are American and British English variants because they sound little different.
This term consists of 6 syllables.In beginning, you need to say sound "ey", than say "hohm" and after all other syllables "uh-wfruhm".
We currently working on improvements to this page. In nearest future, there will be a Home Away from Home pronunciation in Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. Stay tuned and study speak words correctly with Word Panda.

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