ALL meanings of sequencing

S s
  • noun sequencing the following of one thing after another; succession. 1
  • noun sequencing order of succession: a list of books in alphabetical sequence. 1
  • noun sequencing a continuous or connected series: a sonnet sequence. 1
  • noun sequencing something that follows; a subsequent event; result; consequence. 1
  • noun sequencing Music. a melodic or harmonic pattern repeated three or more times at different pitches with or without modulation. 1
  • noun sequencing Liturgy. a hymn sometimes sung after the gradual and before the gospel; prose. 1
  • noun sequencing Movies. a series of related scenes or shots, as those taking place in one locale or at one time, that make up one episode of the film narrative. 1
  • noun sequencing Cards. a series of three or more cards following one another in order of value, especially of the same suit. 1
  • noun sequencing Genetics. the linear order of monomers in a polymer, as nucleotides in DNA or amino acids in a protein. 1
  • noun sequencing Mathematics. a set whose elements have an order similar to that of the positive integers; a map from the positive integers to a given set. 1
  • verb with object sequencing to place in a sequence. 1
  • verb with object sequencing Biochemistry. to determine the order of (chemical units in a polymer chain), especially nucleotides in DNA or RNA or amino acids in a protein. 1
  • uncountable noun sequencing Gene sequencing or DNA sequencing involves identifying the order in which the elements making up a particular gene are combined. 0
  • noun sequencing the procedure of determining the order of amino acids in the polypeptide chain of a protein (protein sequencing) or of nucleotides in a DNA section comprising a gene (gene sequencing) 0
  • noun sequencing specifying the order in which jobs are to be processed, based on the allocation of priorities 0
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