ALL meanings of sepulchre

S s
  • verb with object sepulchre to place in a sepulcher; bury. 1
  • noun sepulchre a tomb, grave, or burial place. 1
  • noun sepulchre Also called Easter sepulcher. Ecclesiastical. a cavity in a mensa for containing relics of martyrs. a structure or a recess in some old churches in which the Eucharist was deposited with due ceremonies on Good Friday and taken out at Easter in commemoration of Christ's entombment and Resurrection. 1
  • countable noun sepulchre A sepulchre is a building or room in which a dead person is buried. 0
  • noun sepulchre a burial vault, tomb, or grave 0
  • noun sepulchre a separate alcove in some medieval churches in which the Eucharistic elements were kept from Good Friday until the Easter ceremonies 0
  • verb sepulchre to bury in a sepulchre 0
  • abbreviation SEPULCHRE sepulcher 0
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