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  • noun sepia a brown pigment obtained from the inklike secretion of various cuttlefish and used with brush or pen in drawing. 1
  • noun sepia a drawing made with this pigment. 1
  • noun sepia a dark brown. 1
  • noun sepia Photography. a print or photograph made in this color. 1
  • noun sepia any of several cuttlefish of the genus Sepia, producing a dark fluid used naturally for defense and, by humans, in ink. 1
  • adjective sepia of a brown, grayish brown, or olive brown similar to that of sepia ink. 1
  • noun Technical meaning of sepia Standard ECRC Prolog Integrating Applications. Prolog with many extensions including attributed variables ("metaterms") and declarative coroutining. "SEPIA", Micha Meier <[email protected]> et al, TR-LP-36 ECRC, March 1988. Version 3.1 available for Suns and VAX. (See ECRC-Prolog). E-mail: <[email protected]>. 1
  • noun sepia brown colour 1
  • adjective sepia ink, photo: brown 1
  • noun sepia cuttlefish ink 1
  • colour sepia Something that is sepia is deep brown in colour, like the colour of very old photographs. 0
  • noun sepia a dark reddish-brown pigment obtained from the inky secretion of the cuttlefish 0
  • noun sepia any cuttlefish of the genus Sepia 0
  • noun sepia a brownish tone imparted to a photograph, esp an early one such as a calotype. It can be produced by first bleaching a print (after fixing) and then immersing it for a short time in a solution of sodium sulphide or of alkaline thiourea 0
  • noun sepia a brownish-grey to dark yellowish-brown colour 0
  • noun sepia a drawing or photograph in sepia 0
  • adjective sepia of the colour sepia or done in sepia 0
  • noun sepia a dark-brown pigment prepared from the inky fluid secreted by cuttlefish 0
  • noun sepia a dark reddish-brown color 0
  • noun sepia a drawing or photographic print in this color 0
  • adjective sepia of sepia 0
  • adjective sepia dark reddish-brown 0
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