ALL meanings of sephardi

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  • noun sephardi a Jew of Spanish, Portuguese, or North African descent 0
  • noun sephardi (loosely) any Oriental Jew 0
  • noun sephardi the pronunciation of Hebrew used by these Jews, and of Modern Hebrew as spoken in Israel 0
  • noun sephardi of or pertaining to the Sephardim, esp to their liturgy and ritual 0
  • noun sephardi of or pertaining to the liturgy adopted by certain European, esp Chassidic, communities who believe it to be more authentic but nonetheless differing from the genuine Oriental liturgy 0
  • noun sephardi a member of the group of Jews that lived in Spain and Portugal before the Inquisition and, after expulsion, in the Ottoman Empire, Middle East, and N Africa 0
  • noun sephardi a descendant of this group 0
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