ALL meanings of sensitivity

S s
  • noun sensitivity emotional 1
  • noun sensitivity degree of being sensitive 1
  • noun sensitivity machine, instrument: responsiveness 1
  • noun plural sensitivity the state or quality of being sensitive; sensitiveness. 1
  • noun plural sensitivity Physiology. the ability of an organism or part of an organism to react to stimuli; irritability. degree of susceptibility to stimulation. 1
  • noun plural sensitivity Electricity. the ability of a radio device to react to incoming signals, expressed as the minimum input signal required to produce a specified output signal with a given noise level. the input, as voltage, current, or the like, required to produce full deflection in an electric measuring device, expressed as the ratio of the response to the magnitude of the input quantity. 1
  • noun sensitivity the state or quality of being sensitive 0
  • noun sensitivity the state, condition, or quality of reacting or being sensitive to an external stimulus, drug, allergen, etc 0
  • noun sensitivity a tendency to have a strong emotional reaction, esp to be offended or upset 0
  • noun sensitivity the magnitude or time of response of an instrument, circuit, etc, to an input signal, such as a current 0
  • noun sensitivity the degree of response of an emulsion to light or other actinic radiation, esp to light of a particular colour, expressed in terms of its speed 0
  • noun sensitivity the condition or quality of being sensitive 0
  • noun sensitivity the responsiveness of an organ or organism to external stimuli 0
  • noun sensitivity the capacity of a receiver to respond to incoming signals 0
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