ALL meanings of sensibility

S s
  • noun sensibility awareness, perceptiveness 1
  • noun sensibility emotional, mental: responsiveness 1
  • noun plural sensibility capacity for sensation or feeling; responsiveness or susceptibility to sensory stimuli. 1
  • noun plural sensibility mental susceptibility or responsiveness; quickness and acuteness of apprehension or feeling. 1
  • noun plural sensibility keen consciousness or appreciation. 1
  • noun plural sensibility sensibilities, emotional capacities. 1
  • noun plural sensibility Sometimes, sensibilities. liability to feel hurt or offended; sensitive feelings. 1
  • noun plural sensibility Often, sensibilities. capacity for intellectual and aesthetic distinctions, feelings, tastes, etc.: a man of refined sensibilities. 1
  • noun plural sensibility the property, as in plants or instruments, of being readily affected by external influences. 1
  • uncountable noun sensibility Sensibility is the ability to experience deep feelings. 0
  • variable noun sensibility Someone's sensibility is their tendency to be influenced or offended by things. 0
  • noun sensibility the ability to perceive or feel 0
  • noun sensibility the capacity for responding to emotion, impression, etc 0
  • noun sensibility the capacity for responding to aesthetic stimuli 0
  • noun sensibility mental responsiveness; discernment; awareness 0
  • noun sensibility emotional or moral feelings 0
  • noun sensibility the condition of a plant of being susceptible to external influences, esp attack by parasites 0
  • noun sensibility the capacity for physical sensation; power of responding to stimuli; ability to feel 0
  • noun sensibility the capacity for being affected emotionally or intellectually, whether pleasantly or unpleasantly; receptiveness to impression 0
  • noun sensibility the capacity to respond perceptively to intellectual, moral, or aesthetic values; delicate, sensitive awareness or responsiveness 0
  • noun sensibility liability to be offended, repelled, etc. 0
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