ALL meanings of senile

S s
  • adjective senile showing a decline or deterioration of physical strength or mental functioning, especially short-term memory and alertness, as a result of old age or disease. 1
  • adjective senile of or belonging to old age or aged persons; gerontological; geriatric. 1
  • adjective senile Physical Geography. (of topographical features) having been reduced by erosion to a featureless plain that stands everywhere at base level. Compare peneplain. 1
  • noun senile a senile person. 1
  • adjective senile geriatric, elderly 1
  • adjective senile suffering from dementia 1
  • adjective senile caused by old age 1
  • adjective senile If old people become senile, they become confused, can no longer remember things, and are unable to look after themselves. 0
  • adjective senile of, relating to, or characteristic of old age 0
  • adjective senile mentally or physically weak or infirm on account of old age 0
  • adjective senile (of land forms or rivers) at an advanced stage in the cycle of erosion 0
  • adjective senile of, typical of, or resulting from old age 0
  • adjective senile showing the marked deterioration often accompanying old age, esp. mental impairment characterized by confusion, memory loss, etc. 0
  • adjective senile nearing the end of an erosion cycle 0
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