ALL meanings of senghor

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  • noun senghor Léopold Sédar [French ley-aw-pawld sey-dahr] /French leɪ ɔˈpɔld seɪˈdɑr/ (Show IPA), 1906–2001, African poet, teacher, and statesman: president of the Republic of Senegal 1960–80. 1
  • noun senghor Léopold Sédar (leɔpɔl sedar). 1906–2001, Senegalese statesman and writer; president of Senegal (1960–80) 0
  • noun senghor Léoˈpold Séˈdar (leɪɔˈpɔld seɪˈdaʀ) ; lā^ōp^ōldˈ sādȧrˈ) 1906-2001; Senegalese statesman & poet; president of Senegal (1960-80) 0
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