ALL meanings of seneca snakeroot

Sen·e·ca snake·root
S s
  • noun seneca snakeroot any of various plants whose roots have been regarded as a remedy for snakebites, as the herb Aristolochia serpentaria (Virginia snakeroot) having a medicinal rhizome and rootlets, and the white-flowered Polygala senega (Seneca snakeroot) having a medicinal root. 1
  • noun seneca snakeroot the root or rhizome of such a plant. 1
  • noun seneca snakeroot the North American bugbane. 1
  • noun seneca snakeroot a white eupatorium, Eupatorium rugosum. 1
  • noun seneca snakeroot a plant, Rauwolfia serpentina (or Rauvolfia serpentina), whose roots are the source of reserpine and other drugs. 1
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