ALL meanings of semisubmersible rig

sem·i·sub·mers·i·ble rig
S s
  • noun semisubmersible rig Also called semisubmersible rig. a self-propelled barge that is mounted on partially submerged legs supported by underwater pontoons, rides at anchor, and serves as a work base and living quarters in deep offshore drilling operations. 1
  • adjective semisubmersible rig of, for, or pertaining to a semisubmersible. 1
  • noun semisubmersible rig (in the oil industry) a type of drilling platform that floats supported by underwater pontoons, with much of its structure below the water line for stability in high winds: usually used only for exploratory drilling for oil or gas 0
  • noun semisubmersible rig A semisubmersible rig is a drilling rig which is designed to be partly under the water. 0
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