ALL meanings of -ous

O o
  • suffix -ous Used to form adjectives from nouns. 0
  • suffix -ous (chemistry) Used in chemical nomenclature to name chemical compounds in which a specified chemical element has a lower oxidation number than in the equivalent compound whose name ends in the suffix -ic. For example sulphuric acid (H2SO4) has more oxygen atoms per molecule than sulphurous acid (H2SO3). See Inorganic nomenclature. 0
  • suffix forming adjectives -ous having, full of, or characterized by 0
  • suffix forming adjectives -ous (in chemistry) indicating that an element is chemically combined in the lower of two possible valency states 0
  • noun -ous having, full of, characterized by 0
  • noun -ous having a lower valence than is indicated by the suffix -ic 0
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