ALL meanings of -le

L l
  • suffix forming verbs -le denoting repeated or continuous action, often of a diminutive nature 0
  • noun -le forming verbs denoting repeated action, esp. of a small or trivial kind 0
  • noun -le forming nouns, orig. usually with a diminutive sense 0
  • noun -le forming adjectives, esp. from verb stems 0
  • suffix -le A frequentative suffix of verbs, indicating repetition or continuousness. 0
  • suffix -le A suffix forming adjectives from verbs with the meaning of "prone to", "tending to", "apt to", "capable of"; compare -ative. 0
  • suffix -le A suffix forming agent nouns from verbs. 0
  • suffix -le A suffix forming diminutives from other nouns; compare -ling. 0
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