ALL meanings of itself

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  • noun itself Used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to a thing or animal previously mentioned as the subject of the clause. 1
  • pronoun itself reflexive of it 1
  • pronoun itself emphatic 1
  • pronoun itself normal condition 1
  • pronoun itself (reflexive) it; A thing as the object of a verb or preposition that also appears as the subject. 0
  • pronoun itself (emphatic) it; used to intensify the subject, especially to emphasize that it is the only participant in the predicate. 0
  • pronoun itself Itself is used as the object of a verb or preposition when it refers to something that is the same thing as the subject of the verb. 0
  • pronoun itself You use itself to emphasize the thing you are referring to. 0
  • pronoun itself If you say that someone is, for example, politeness itself or kindness itself, you are emphasizing they are extremely polite or extremely kind. 0
  • abbreviation ITSELF (intensifier) 0
  • pronoun itself its normal or usual self 0
  • pronoun itself a form of it1, used: 0
  • pronoun itself as an intensifier 0
  • pronoun itself as a reflexive 0
  • pronoun itself with the meaning “its real, true, or normal self” [the bird is not itself today] 0
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