ALL meanings of item

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  • noun item a separate article or particular: 50 items on the list. 1
  • noun item a separate piece of information or news, as a short piece in a newspaper or broadcast. 1
  • noun item Slang. something suitable for a news paragraph or as a topic of gossip, especially something that is sensational or scandalous: The bandleader and the new female singer are an item. 1
  • noun item a word formerly used in communications to represent the letter I. 1
  • noun item an admonition or warning. 1
  • noun item Older Use. an intimation or hint. 1
  • adverb item also; likewise (used especially to introduce each article or statement in a list or series). 1
  • verb with object item to set down or enter as an item, or by or in items. 1
  • verb with object item to make a note of. 1
  • noun item An individual article or unit, especially one that is part of a list, collection, or set. 1
  • noun item unit 1
  • noun item article, object 1
  • noun item agenda subject 1
  • noun item document section 1
  • noun item act, feature: in a show 1
  • noun item form section 1
  • noun item couple 1
  • noun item A distinct physical object. 0
  • noun item (by extension, video games) An object that can be picked up for later use. 0
  • noun item A line of text having a legal or other meaning; a separate particular in an account. 0
  • noun item (psychometrics) A question on a test, which may include its answers. 0
  • noun item A matter for discussion in an agenda. 0
  • noun item (Informal) Two people who are having a relationship with each other. 0
  • noun item A short article in a newspaper. 0
  • noun item (Obsolete (No longer in use)) A hint; an innuendo. 0
  • countable noun item An item is one of a collection or list of objects. 0
  • countable noun item An item is one of a list of things for someone to do, deal with, or talk about. 0
  • countable noun item An item is a report or article in a newspaper or magazine, or on television or radio. 0
  • singular noun item If you say that two people are an item, you mean that they are having a romantic or sexual relationship. 0
  • noun item a thing or unit, esp included in a list or collection 0
  • noun item an entry in an account 0
  • noun item a piece of information, detail, or note 0
  • noun item two people having a romantic or sexual relationship 0
  • adverb item likewise; also 0
  • adverb item also 0
  • noun item an admonition; hint 0
  • noun item an article; unit; separate thing; particular; entry in an account 0
  • noun item a bit of news or information 0
  • noun item a couple identified publicly as sweethearts or lovers 0
  • abbreviation ITEM itemize 0
  • noun item An item is an entry in an account. 0
  • noun item An item is a clearly identifiable product which can be given its own barcode. 0
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