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  • noun italy a republic in S Europe, comprising a peninsula S of the Alps, and Sicily, Sardinia, Elba, and other smaller islands: a kingdom 1870–1946. 116,294 sq. mi. (301,200 sq. km). Capital: Rome. 1
  • noun italy a republic in S Europe, occupying a peninsula in the Mediterranean between the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic Seas, with the islands of Sardinia and Sicily to the west: first united under the Romans but became fragmented into numerous political units in the Middle Ages; united kingdom proclaimed in 1861; under the dictatorship of Mussolini (1922–43); became a republic in 1946; a member of the European Union. It is generally mountainous, with the Alps in the north and the Apennines running the length of the peninsula. Official language: Italian. Religion: Roman Catholic majority. Currency: euro. Capital: Rome. Pop: 61 482 297 (2013 est) Area: 301 247 sq km (116 312 sq miles) 0
  • noun italy country in S Europe, mostly on a peninsula extending into the Mediterranean & including Sicily, Sardinia, and numerous other islands: formerly a kingdom created by the unification of various Italian monarchies & states (1861), it became a republic in 1946: 116,333 sq mi (301,301 sq km); pop. 56,778,000; cap. Rome 0
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