ALL meanings of italianate

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  • noun italianate Italian in character or appearance. 1
  • adjective italianate Italianized; conforming to the Italian type or style or to Italian customs, manners, etc. 1
  • adjective italianate Art. in the style of Renaissance or Baroque Italy. 1
  • adjective italianate Architecture. noting or pertaining to a mid-Victorian American style remotely based on Romanesque vernacular residential and castle architecture of the Italian countryside, but sometimes containing Renaissance and Baroque elements. 1
  • verb with object italianate to Italianize. 1
  • adjective italianate Italian in style or character. 0
  • adjective italianate Italian in style or character 0
  • adjective italianate Italian in quality, appearance, or character 0
  • abbreviation ITALIANATE Italianize 0
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