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  • noun Technical meaning of it (networking)   The country code for Italy. 1
  • noun it sweet vermouth: gin and it. 1
  • idioms it get with it, Slang. to become active or interested: He was warned to get with it or resign. 1
  • idioms it have it, Informal. to love someone: She really has it bad for him. to possess the requisite abilities for something; be talented, adept, or proficient: In this business youeither have it or you don't. 1
  • idioms it with it, Slang. aware of the latest fads, fashions, etc.; up-to-date. attentive or alert: I'm just not with it early in the morning. understanding or appreciative of something, as jazz. Carnival Slang. being a member of the carnival. 1
  • noun it Used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified. 1
  • abbreviation IT inanimate thing 1
  • pronoun it direct object 1
  • pronoun it after preposition 1
  • pronoun it indirect object 1
  • noun it circumstances 1
  • pronoun it impersonal subject of to be 1
  • pronoun it weather 1
  • noun it player in children's game: tag 1
  • pronoun it animal 1
  • pronoun it person 1
  • pronoun it group 1
  • pronoun it emphasis in anticipation 1
  • pronoun it person: special 1
  • pronoun it special quality 1
  • noun Technical meaning of it 1.   (business, jargon)   Information Technology. 2.   (language, mathematics, history)   Internal Translator. 1
  • noun it IT is an abbreviation for information technology. 0
  • pronoun it You use it to refer to an object, animal, or other thing that has already been mentioned. 0
  • pronoun it You use it to refer to a child or baby whose sex you do not know or whose sex is not relevant to what you are saying. 0
  • pronoun it You use it to refer in a general way to a situation that you have just described. 0
  • pronoun it You use it before certain nouns, adjectives, and verbs to introduce your feelings or point of view about a situation. 0
  • pronoun it You use it in passive clauses which report a situation or event. 0
  • pronoun it You use it with some verbs that need a subject or object, although there is no noun that it refers to. 0
  • pronoun it You use it as the subject of 'be', to say what the time, day, or date is. 0
  • pronoun it You use it as the subject of a link verb to describe the weather, the light, or the temperature. 0
  • pronoun it You use it when you are telling someone who you are, or asking them who they are, especially at the beginning of a phone call. You also use it in statements and questions about the identity of other people. 0
  • pronoun it When you are emphasizing or drawing attention to something, you can put that thing immediately after it and a form of the verb 'be'. 0
  • pronoun it refers to a nonhuman, animal, plant, or inanimate thing, or sometimes to a small baby 0
  • pronoun it refers to an unspecified or implied antecedent or to a previous or understood clause, phrase, etc 0
  • pronoun it used to represent human life or experience either in totality or in respect of the present situation 0
  • pronoun it used as a formal subject (or object), referring to a following clause, phrase, or word 0
  • pronoun it used in the nominative as the formal grammatical subject of impersonal verbs. When it functions absolutely in such sentences, not referring to any previous or following clause or phrase, the context is nearly always a description of the environment or of some physical sensation 0
  • pronoun it the crucial or ultimate point 0
  • noun it (in children's games) the player whose turn it is to try to touch another 0
  • noun it sexual intercourse 0
  • noun it sex appeal 0
  • noun it a desirable quality or ability 0
  • abbreviation IT Italy 0
  • abbreviation IT information technology 0
  • abbreviation IT Italian 0
  • pronoun it the animal or thing previously mentioned or under discussion: neuter personal pronoun in the third person singular: it is the nominative and objective form, its the possessive, and itself the reflexive and intensive; its is the possessive pronominal adjective 0
  • pronoun it it is also used as: 0
  • pronoun it the subject of an impersonal verb without reference to agent 0
  • pronoun it the grammatical subject of a clause of which the actual subject is another clause or phrase following 0
  • pronoun it an object of indefinite sense in certain idiomatic expressions [to lord it over someone]; often, specif., an unpleasant consequence 0
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