ALL meanings of -ist

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  • suffix -ist -ist is used in place of -ism to form count nouns and adjectives. The nouns refer to people who have particular beliefs. The adjectives describe something related to or based on particular beliefs. 0
  • suffix -ist -ist is used to form count nouns referring to people who do a particular kind of work. 0
  • suffix -ist -ist is added to nouns referring to musical instruments, in order to form nouns that refer to people who play these instruments. 0
  • suffix -ist a person who performs a certain action or is concerned with something specified 0
  • suffix -ist a person who practises in a specific field 0
  • suffix -ist a person who advocates a particular doctrine, system, etc, or relating to such a person or the doctrine advocated 0
  • suffix -ist a person characterized by a specified trait, tendency, etc, or relating to such a person or trait 0
  • suffix -ist a person who is prejudiced on the basis specified 0
  • noun -ist a person who does, makes, or practices (the thing specified): words so formed correspond to verbs ending in -ize or nouns ending in , -ism 0
  • noun -ist a person skilled in or occupied with; an expert in 0
  • noun -ist an adherent of or believer in 0
  • noun -ist a person having or displaying prejudice related to 0
  • noun -ist forming adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -ism or , -ist1 0
  • suffix -ist Added to words to form nouns denoting. 0
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