ALL meanings of isotonic

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  • adjective isotonic Also, isosmotic. Physical Chemistry. noting or pertaining to solutions characterized by equal osmotic pressure. Compare hypertonic (def 2), hypotonic (def 2). 1
  • adjective isotonic Physiology. noting or pertaining to a solution containing the same salt concentration as mammalian blood. noting or pertaining to a muscular contraction in which constant tension continues while the length of the muscle decreases, as during mechanical work. 1
  • adjective isotonic Music. of or characterized by equal tones. 1
  • noun isotonic (of muscle action) taking place with normal contraction. 1
  • adjective isotonic (of two or more muscles) having equal tension 0
  • adjective isotonic (of a drink) designed to replace the fluid and salts lost from the body during strenuous exercise 0
  • adjective isotonic (of two solutions) having the same osmotic pressure, commonly having physiological osmotic pressure 0
  • adjective isotonic of, relating to, or characterized by the equal intervals of the well-tempered scale 0
  • adjective isotonic having equal tension 0
  • adjective isotonic having the same osmotic pressure; esp., designating or of a salt solution having the same osmotic pressure as blood 0
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