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  • noun isostasy Geology. the equilibrium of the earth's crust, a condition in which the forces tending to elevate balance those tending to depress. 1
  • noun isostasy the state in which pressures from every side are equal. 1
  • noun isostasy The equilibrium that exists between parts of the earth’s crust, which behaves as if it consists of blocks floating on the underlying mantle, rising if material (such as an ice cap) is removed and sinking if material is deposited. 1
  • noun isostasy (geology) The state of balance or pressure equilibrium thought to exist within the Earth's crust, whereby the upper lithosphere floats on denser magma beneath. 0
  • noun isostasy the state of balance, or equilibrium, which sections of the earth's lithosphere (whether continental or oceanic) are thought ultimately to achieve when the vertical forces upon them remain unchanged. The lithosphere floats upon the semifluid asthenosphere below. If a section of lithosphere is loaded, as by ice, it will slowly subside to a new equilibrium position; if a section of lithosphere is reduced in mass, as by erosion, it will slowly rise to a new equilibrium position 0
  • noun isostasy a condition in which there is equal pressure on every side 0
  • noun isostasy approximate equilibrium in large, equal areas of the earth's crust, preserved by the action of gravity upon the different substances in the crust in proportion to their densities 0
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