ALL meanings of isomorphic

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  • noun Technical meaning of isomorphic (mathematics)   Two mathematical objects are isomorphic if they have the same structure, i.e. if there is an isomorphism between them. For every component of one there is a corresponding component of the other. 1
  • noun isomorphic Corresponding or similar in form and relations. 1
  • adjective isomorphic Biology. different in ancestry, but having the same form or appearance. 1
  • adjective isomorphic Chemistry, Crystallography. isomorphous. 1
  • adjective isomorphic Mathematics. pertaining to two sets related by an isomorphism. 1
  • adjective isomorphic exhibiting isomorphism 0
  • adjective isomorphic having similar or identical structure or form 0
  • adjective isomorphic showing isomorphism 0
  • adjective isomorphic (mathematics) Related by an isomorphism; having a structure-preserving one-to-one correspondence. 0
  • adjective isomorphic (biology) Having a similar structure or function to something that is not related genetically or through evolution. 0
  • adjective isomorphic Having identical relevant structure; being structure-preserving while undergoing certain invertible transformations. 0
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