ALL meanings of isometric

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  • adjective isometric relating to exercise against resistance 1
  • adjective isometric relating to equality of measure 1
  • noun isometric Of or having equal dimensions. 1
  • adjective isometric of, relating to, or having equality of measure. 1
  • adjective isometric of or relating to isometric exercise. 1
  • adjective isometric Crystallography. noting or pertaining to that system of crystallization that is characterized by three equal axes at right angles to one another. Compare crystal system. 1
  • adjective isometric Prosody. of equal measure; made up of regular feet. 1
  • adjective isometric Drafting. designating a method of projection (isometric projection) in which a three-dimensional object is represented by a drawing (i·somet·ric draw·ing) having the horizontal edges of the object drawn usually at a 30° angle and all verticals projected perpendicularly from a horizontal base, all lines being drawn to scale. Compare orthographic projection. 1
  • noun isometric isometrics, isometric exercise (def 1). 1
  • noun isometric an isometric drawing. 1
  • noun isometric Also called isometric line. Physics. isochore (def 1). 1
  • adjective isometric having equal dimensions or measurements 0
  • adjective isometric of or relating to muscular contraction that does not produce shortening of the muscle 0
  • adjective isometric (of a crystal or system of crystallization) having three mutually perpendicular equal axes 0
  • adjective isometric having or made up of regular feet 0
  • adjective isometric (of a method of projecting a drawing in three dimensions) having the three axes equally inclined and all lines drawn to scale 0
  • noun isometric a drawing made in this way 0
  • noun isometric a line on a graph showing variations of pressure with temperature at constant volume 0
  • adjective isometric of, indicating, or having equality of measure 0
  • adjective isometric cubic (sense 3) 0
  • adjective isometric of or having to do with isometrics 0
  • noun isometric a line, as on a chart, indicating changes of pressure or temperature at constant volume 0
  • noun isometric a method of physical exercise in which one set of muscles is tensed, for a period of seconds, in opposition to another set of muscles or to an immovable object 0
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