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I i
  • suffix -id (not productive except in zoology) of or pertaining to; appended to various foreign words to make an English adjective or noun form. Often added to words of Greek, sometimes Latin, origin. 0
  • suffix -id (chiefly botany, astronomy) Forming nouns from Latin or Greek roots, including certain plant names modelled on Latin sources, the names of meteors (e.g. Perseid), and the names of certain dynasties (e.g. Solomonid). 0
  • suffix -id (biology) Forming common names of members of a taxon which has a name ending in -idae. 0
  • suffix forming noun -id indicating the names of meteor showers that appear to radiate from a specified constellation 0
  • suffix forming noun -id indicating a particle, body, or structure of a specified kind 0
  • suffix forming adjectives -id indicating members of a zoological family 0
  • suffix forming adjectives -id indicating members of a dynasty 0
  • noun -id a thing belonging to or connected with 0
  • noun -id a meteor that seems to radiate from a (specified) constellation 0
  • noun -id a particle or body 0
  • noun -id an allergic reaction of the skin to (specified) bacteria, fungi, etc. in the body 0
  • noun -id an animal or plant belonging to a (specified) group 0
  • abbreviation -ID -ide 0
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