ALL meanings of cholinesterase

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  • noun cholinesterase an enzyme that hydrolyses acetylcholine to choline and acetic acid 3
  • noun cholinesterase an enzyme which hydrolyzes a choline ester; esp., acetylcholine, which converts to choline and acetic acid, thus canceling a nerve impulse transmission 3
  • noun cholinesterase An enzyme, especially acetylcholinesterase, that hydrolyzes esters of choline. 1
  • noun cholinesterase an enzyme, found especially in the heart, brain, and blood, that hydrolyzes acetylcholine to acetic acid and choline. 1
  • noun cholinesterase (biochemistry) An enzyme, in muscles, nerves etc, that catalyzes the hydrolysis of acetylcholine or other choline ester. 0
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