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  • noun choline a colourless viscous soluble alkaline substance present in animal tissues, esp as a constituent of lecithin: used as a supplement to the diet of poultry and in medicine for preventing the accumulation of fat in the liver. Formula:[(CH3)3NCH2CH2OH]+OH– 3
  • noun choline a viscous fluid, (CH3)3N(OH)CH2CH2OH, found in many animal and vegetable tissues, that is a precursor of acetylcholine, lecithin, etc.: usually considered a vitamin of the B complex 3
  • noun choline A strongly basic compound occurring widely in living tissues and important in the synthesis and transport of lipids. 1
  • noun choline Biochemistry. a quaternary ammonium cation, C 5 H 14 N + O, one of the B-complex vitamins, found in the lecithin of many plants and animals. 1
  • noun choline choline hydroxide, C 5 H 15 NO 2 , the viscous, strongly alkaline commercial form of this compound, usually synthesized, used as a feed supplement, especially for poultry, and in medicine in certain liver conditions. 1
  • noun choline choline chloride, C 5 H 14 ClNO. 1
  • noun choline (biochemistry) A hydroxy quaternary ammonium compound with formula (CH3)3N+CH2CH2OHX−. It is an essential nutrient for cardiovascular and brain health and for cell membrane formation. Discovered by Andreas Strecker in 1862. 0
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