ALL meanings of choler

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  • noun choler anger or ill humour 3
  • noun choler one of the four bodily humours; yellow bile 3
  • noun choler biliousness 3
  • noun choler bile: in medieval times yellow bile was considered to be one of the four humors of the body and the source of anger and irritability 3
  • noun choler anger or ill humor 3
  • noun choler (in medieval science and medicine) one of the four bodily humors, identified with bile, believed to be associated with a peevish or irascible temperament. 1
  • noun choler irascibility; anger; wrath; irritability. 1
  • noun choler Old Physiology. yellow bile. 1
  • noun choler Obsolete. biliousness. 1
  • noun choler Anger or irritability. 0
  • noun choler One of the four humours of ancient physiology, also known as yellow bile. 0
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