ALL meanings of choking

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  • adjective choking causing breathing difficulties; suffocating 3
  • noun choking The process in which a person's airway becomes blocked, resulting in asphyxia in cases that are not treated promptly. 1
  • adjective choking (of the voice) husky and strained, especially because of emotion. 1
  • adjective choking causing the feeling of being choked: a choking cloud of smoke. 1
  • verb with object choking to stop the breath of by squeezing or obstructing the windpipe; strangle; stifle. 1
  • verb with object choking to stop by or as if by strangling or stifling: The sudden wind choked his words. 1
  • verb with object choking to stop by filling; obstruct; clog: Grease choked the drain. 1
  • verb with object choking to suppress (a feeling, emotion, etc.) (often followed by back or down): I managed to choke back my tears. 1
  • verb with object choking to fill chock-full: The storeroom was choked with furniture. 1
  • verb with object choking to seize (a log, felled tree, etc.) with a chain, cable, or the like, so as to facilitate removal. 1
  • verb with object choking to enrich the fuel mixture of (an internal-combustion engine) by diminishing the air supply to the carburetor. 1
  • verb with object choking Sports. to grip (a bat, racket, or the like) farther than usual from the end of the handle; shorten one's grip on (often followed by up). 1
  • verb without object choking to suffer from or as from strangling or suffocating: He choked on a piece of food. 1
  • verb without object choking to become obstructed, clogged, or otherwise stopped: The words choked in her throat. 1
  • noun choking the act or sound of choking. 1
  • noun choking a mechanism by which the air supply to the carburetor of an internal-combustion engine can be diminished or stopped. 1
  • noun choking Machinery. any mechanism that, by blocking a passage, regulates the flow of air, gas, etc. 1
  • noun choking Electricity. choke coil. 1
  • noun choking a narrowed part, as in a chokebore. 1
  • noun choking the bristly upper portion of the receptacle of the artichoke. 1
  • noun choking obstructed breathing 1
  • adjective choking that obstructs breathing 1
  • noun choking suffocation, strangulation 1
  • noun choking The act of coughing when a foreign object (i.e. food, beverages) becomes lodged in a person's airway. 0
  • verb choking present participle of choke. 0
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