ALL meanings of choir

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  • countable noun choir A choir is a group of people who sing together, for example in a church or school. 3
  • countable noun choir In a church building, the choir is the area in front of the altar where the choir sits. 3
  • noun choir an organized group of singers, esp for singing in church services 3
  • noun choir the part of a cathedral, abbey, or church in front of the altar, lined on both sides with benches, and used by the choir and clergy 3
  • noun choir (as modifier) 3
  • noun choir a number of instruments of the same family playing together 3
  • noun choir one of the manuals on an organ controlling a set of soft sweet-toned pipes 3
  • noun choir any of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology 3
  • noun choir a group of singers organized and trained to sing together, esp. in a church 3
  • noun choir the part of a church they occupy, as a chancel or choir loft 3
  • noun choir an instrumental section of an orchestra 3
  • noun choir any organized group or band, as of dancers 3
  • noun choir any of the nine orders of angels 3
  • verb transitive choir to sing in chorus 3
  • noun choir An organized group of singers, typically one that takes part in church services or performs regularly in public. 1
  • noun choir singing group 1
  • noun choir church group 1
  • noun choir instrumental group 1
  • noun choir a company of singers, especially an organized group employed in church service. 1
  • noun choir any group of musicians or musical instruments; a musical company, or band, or a division of one: string choir. 1
  • noun choir Architecture. the part of a church occupied by the singers of the choir. the part of a cruciform church east of the crossing. 1
  • noun choir (in medieval angelology) one of the orders of angels. 1
  • adjective choir professed to recite or chant the divine office: a choir monk. 1
  • noun choir Singing group; group of people who sing together; company of people who are trained to sing together. 0
  • noun choir The part of a church where the choir assembles for song. 0
  • noun choir (Christian angelology) One of the nine ranks or orders of angels. 0
  • noun choir Set of strings (one per note) for a harpsichord. 0
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