ALL meanings of choctaw

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  • noun choctaw a member of a Native American people of Alabama 3
  • noun choctaw the language of this people, belonging to the Muskogean family 3
  • noun choctaw a turn from the inside edge of one skate to the outside edge of the other or vice versa 3
  • noun choctaw a member of a North American Indian people that lived in S Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana and now lives in Oklahoma and Mississippi 3
  • noun choctaw the Muskogean language of this people 3
  • noun plural choctaw a member of a large Muskhogean tribe of North American Indians, formerly living chiefly in southern Mississippi, now in Oklahoma. 1
  • noun plural choctaw the language of the Choctaw, closely related to Chickasaw. 1
  • noun plural choctaw something unintelligible, as speech, illegible handwriting, or an ineffectual explanation; gibberish: My best efforts at clarity were Choctaw to him. 1
  • noun choctaw A person of Choctaw heritage. 0
  • adjective choctaw Relating to the Choctaw tribe or its language. 0
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